Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Natural, glowing FOTD

I met my future sister in law’s other bridesmaid on Saturday and couldn’t be bothered with full on make up (plus I didn’t want to scare them off with my crazy, bright shadow)

I wanted to look glowing, and I rather liked the effect.



No7 Tinted moisturiser, NYC Loose powder, No7 sundrenched bronzer. Blush- mix of Pink swoon and Sunbasque by MAC


Just my normal swoosh of gel liner but I used brown mascara for the first time ever. Really liked the effect, much softer and more natural than black, even though I am very dark.


NYX Round Lipstick in Iris- a soft, sheer peach with a gold sheen.

Oh and I’ve had my hair done again, if you haven’t noticed. Gone very dark this time, a shade up from black, and had the ends levelled off, into more of a bob so it grows more evenly.

What do you think?


jaljen said...

I think you completely nailed it! You look lovely. And glowing.

Fashion is my Disguise said...
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Emma said...

you look so pretty :) x

Leanne said...

Gaahh you look GORGEOUS! The subtle glowing thing really suits you :D you look so different without bright eyeshadow! Loving the new hair too xo