Monday, 25 January 2010

Calling all diabetics

My sister-in-law has started a blog about her life with diabetes as she’s found them to be really helpful in her decision to go on the pump(read her post about it here)

If you suffer with diabetes, please follow Anna’s blog

I’m sure she’d love to get your ideas and feedback.

Plus she’s my sis and awesome :D

Thank you


Sunday, 24 January 2010

What I have loved this week


Faux fur gilets


MAC All that Glitters




C2000 Lasting Perfection foundation


MAC 129


Saturday, 23 January 2010


I've been wearing this for a week and I still like it

This is N Colour by MAC and I got it for about a fiver in my CCO. I hate the formula. Very streaky, even after 4 coats but it is a lovely, natural nude. I've topped it with my new seche vite top coat which I now love.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Peep under my quilt

at my new shoes!


I have lusted after these for 2 years and they were finally in The Office sale.  They cost £35, half price from £70.

Check out the exposed zip



Sunday, 17 January 2010

What I have loved this week


* Coralista blush by Benefit.


*Wearing the colour purple


*Nude nail polish


*Nicola Girls Aloud lashes




I’ve been a bit obsessed with going back to Paris lately. I was too young to appreciate it last time I went and I’m finding myself day dreaming about people watching, with a coffee and a cigarette.

I love French style, and at the moment I need to find some fresh inspiration for fashion. I seem to be stuck in a rut of cosy jumpers, leggings and Uggs.

My most favourite place in Paris is Montmarte, and I’d love to go back and wander through the streets, checking out the tiny boutiques.

I’ve found some weekend breaks that are cheap on Expedia so I’ll keep you updated if my boyfriend says we can go.

Fingers crossed.


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hair history

I love these so I thought I’d do one of my own.

black 001

Jan/Feb 2006

I always had long hair. I experimented with a fringe and a few layers but that’s it. This is my hair at it’s longest, I’d only get the fringe cut(by my mum!) but my hair was always in really good condition. I HATED IT.

new hurr! 005

April/May 06
I started earning my own real money and went for the chop. I had loads of layers put through and my fringe cut from the back so I had no centre parting



Oct/Nov 06
I went for a one length bob. I loved this hair, I could do so much with it and it looked lovely straight or curly. As my hair’s super thick, I had the back cut into, so it was like an undercut, but my longer hair covered it.


July 08
I went for another change, and had the sides cut shorter, along with the back. I also had my undercut extended round to the side of my hair. You can see what I mean in this post. Excuse the non straightened front part- I had no working straighteners in Vegas!


May 09
I had my fringe cut at an angle, which I loved but the cut was very hit and miss.


I have the same cut, with a short, straight fringe and it’s bright red. I’d never had my hair dyed before so it took the colour really well. I love it.

Link me to your hair history if you’ve done one.


Sunday, 3 January 2010


Today’s face of the is a gold/green/brown look, which I did to go shopping again.


close eye


I applied MAC Paint pot in Soft Ochre as a base and blended a few golds over my eye and around the tear duct. I put a shimmery green in my crease and blended a shimmery brown over the outer V and up into the crease as well.

The camera flash has washed out the colours a little, but it was actually quite a bright look. My camera also seems to always wash my blush out too, any tips for avoiding that(other than applying more, it shows up fine in real life!)

I’ve really enjoyed these FOTD recently. It’s been nice to have time to take photos after I’ve created a look, rather than being in a rush to get to work.

Have you been enjoying them? Or would you rather see something else? Let me know.


Saturday, 2 January 2010


I went shopping today and as my hair’s still in messy curls, I was feeling something a little more edgy, make up wise.


I really like Taylor Momsen, so I took inspiration from her smudgy black eyes and came up with this




I toned down the underneath as it can make my eyes look smaller.

I achieved this look by apply MAC Blacktrack gel liner, and using a large pencil brush to smudge the eyeliner upwards before it dried. I could’ve used MAC Blackground paint pot, as I imagine it would work really well, but I didn’t have it to hand.

I applied the liner over the top of MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre and added a coat of CG Lash blast.

I really liked this look. It was quick and easy and made a nice change to the prominent line I usually have.


Friday, 1 January 2010

E.L.F Haul

It feels like ages since I’ve posted a haul (which can only be a good thing where money’s concerned) but I caved on a wee order on E.L.F the other day.

This was the first time I had ordered anything from E.L.F (eyes, lips, face) but I’m really pleased with what I got.  Since I’ve banned myself from buying anymore make up (I’m tempted with a project 10 pan, anyone else?) I treated myself to some new make up brushes.


Here we have 2 brushes from the Studio line, the eye shadow C brush and small smudge brush, which were both £3.50.

From the normal range, I got two foundation brushes (one for home, one to keep at G’s house), an eyeliner brush and eye shadow brush, all of which were £1.50 each.

Close ups



Foundation brush


Eye shadow brush


Eyeliner brush


Eye shadow C brush


Small smudge brush

So far, the small smudge brush is my favourite.  It’s so tiny, it can do a lot of intricate eye shadow detail, which I love.  If I’m being honest, you probably wouldn’t need the eye shadow and the C brush, they’re very similar and I was slightly disappointed with the eye liner brush.  On the site it look much bigger and I had planned to use it to apply eye shadow rather than liner.  I still used it for applying eye shadow but on a smaller surface area.

All the brushes are very good quality, especially considering their price and delivery was great.  I haven’t washed any yet, but I’ll update this when I do.  So far, I’m really happy with my purchases and would definitely buy brushes from ELF again


New years eve look

Although I stayed in last night for the first year in my adult life, I didn’t miss the opportunity to create a look.  I also had 4 new eyeshadow brushes from E.L.F that I wanted to play with (post on those coming up later)

Here’s the look I came up with



I’ve used a mix of purples on the lid and blended through turquoise in the crease.  I then took my small smudge brush from E.L.F and drew a purple line across the top of my crease.



I also curled my hair, just using GHDs to create a messy curl as my hair’s short.

All eyeshadows were from a 120 pro pan palette
mascara is Covergirl lash blast
Foundation is Collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation
Blush is MAC Sheertone in Pink Swoon