Monday, 28 June 2010

No7 LE Summer collection

Finally at the end of of my review! On to my favourite type of make up, eyeshadow.

The Sun Drenched eye palette comes in the same packaging as the bronzer and has a retro, 70’s feel.


I have to say, I thought that the shades were a little predictable for summer but I was pleasantly surprised by the top two, the gold and silver, as these a really subtle high light colours, rather than fully pigmented.



The bronze and dark brown are really smooth and pigmented, this was with one swipe. The gold and silver need a bit more work, but that’s why the work so nicely as a highlight. I was actually very surprised with the pigmentation of the darker colours, in the past, I have found other No7 eyeshadows have been very weak, without much staying power.

This is perfect for keeping in a beach bag, and slapping on, ready for lunch. the colours compliment each other well, and like all bronzes, golds, silvers, will work really nicely with a tan.

Sundrenched eye shadow palette is £13.50, and is available at Boots until 13th July.

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SilhouetteScreams said...

That bronze is gorgeous <3