Sunday, 31 May 2009


As it was pay day on Friday, I took a little trip to the shops after work and got some bits and pieces

I went to Superdrug who have a deal on Barry M nail varnish at the moment, 2 for £4.99 so I picked up Acid Yellow and Bright Purple

I'm wearing Acid yellow at the moment and it's amazing

It's even brighter in real life. I wanted some new lipsticks and have previously loved Barry M so I got 101- Marshmallow since everyone has recommended it so highly and 54-Peach which is the bright orange.

I had to pop to the Cosmetics Company to see if they had anything new in, and Hurrah! they had some of the Hello Kitty MAC Collection which I missed first time.

I picked up Hello Kitty beauty powder in Tahitian Sand, which I plan to use under my bronzer and Too Dolly E/S quad because I love it. I also got Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in light as I didn't have a powder with good coverage, Chrome Yellow E/S, a 223 blending brush because my own blending brush is too thin at the ends and I got Fix+ but the nozzle is broken so I'm going to take that back to get a replacement.

All in all, a great haul. All the MAC products were at least 30% off, so I got a lot for my money.

Here's the swatches of the lipsticks and eyeshadows

I haven't really had a play with it yet, as I've been at my boyfriends without my brushes etc but I'll post pics of anything I come up with.

I'm going spend the rest of the day having a mass clothing clear out, I've just dug out my summer clothes so it's gonna feel like a new wardrobe!


Oh and here's a pic of the make up I did for my friend before we went to a techno night last weekend

It's pretty much the same colours that I used in my previous blog. :)

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Style Warriors

I'm so excited about the new MAC Style Warriors Collection and I'm so jealous that it's already out in the US. Combining animal print AND make up? Yes please!

I've been having a look through the collection and I really want Vibrant Grape e/s

and Lipglass in Style Warrior, which is the first colour
I think I'll have to look at the bronzers, face powders etc as I can't see anything that takes my fancy there at the moment. I think I'm also going to want one of the animal print make up bags but we shall see.
There doesn't appear to be a actual international release date yet( I just keep reading June) Does anyone know? I'm going to Brighton twice this month, and will be going to my nearest MAC shop so I'd love to be able to buy some there.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Lush Review Day 2

After a really busy weekend, I thought I'd try my other 2 Lush bath and shower products tonight and I was bitterly disappointed.

In my bath I used MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment which smells delicious but that was really the only good point. It took ages to melt in the bath and it didn't really make the bath or bathroom smell of anything.

It's main selling point is moisturising but I found that my skin was softer after using The Comfortor bubble bar.

I'm giving it 2 out of 10, I would just go for a bubble bar in future

To compliment the sweet smell, I used Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel, which was actually worse than the bath melt. It's supposed to smell like strawberries and cream but actually smells very flowery and horrible. It's also far too thick and really difficult to get out the bottle. It's not very foamy and didn't appear to have a redeeming feature.

This had to be a 1 out 10 for me.

Very disappointing compared to the last review. For the first time ever, I won't be re-buying these products and wouldn't recommend them.

Hope that helps.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

I heart my phone

I'm being so lazy with my blog but i can now do it anywhere as my phone has wifi and a blogger app! i totally left my phone at home last night so i have no pics of neon outfit or make up but i'm wearing more neon for a techno night tomo so i make sure i have plenty of pics. i walked right pasr CCO today so i'm v.proud. i'll go on payday instead. love ya xoxo

Monday, 18 May 2009

Lush review Day 1


I had a big spend in Lush yesterday and I thought it would be nice to review my bath and shower products as I use them.

Day 1

Bath containing Lush Bubble Bar in The Comforter.


I broke off around a third of the bar, crumbled it into the bottom of my empty bath, by the plug and then ran my water over it..

It turned the water pink! It made my whole bathroom smell of blackcurrants and gave my bath lots of fluffy white bubbles. I soaked for a good 45 mins but I still had masses of bubbles left over.

This is definatly my new fav Lush product. I've never been one for baths but I happily soaked for ages, reading a book in this.

I was all warm and relaxed afterwards, this is def a 10 outta 10 product.

You can buy it here-

or at your local Lush shop.

To compliment The Comforter, I used Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly which smells exactly the same

This shower gel is FUN. It's the third or fourth time I've bought it as it's such good value and smells delicious. I can tell in the evening that my boyfriend has used it in his morning shower.

It is a jelly. I tend to pull off small pieces, rub it in my exfoliating mitts and then wash. You only need a tiny amount, maybe a cm2 to wash your whole body. Anything you don't use, goes back in the box to be used again.

I don't think I'd use it in the bath again though, I found myself using ALOT more than I would in the shower, as it wouldn't lather as well in the bath. It's now my second fav Lush product as The Comforter has won, making me love baths for the first time ever.

Again, Sweetie pie can be bought here-
or at your local Lush.

I highly, highly recommend both products and shall be buying them again, and again, and again!

I'll continue my Lush reviews whilst trying out my new things, my new phone still hasn't arrived so I'm cameraless and textless at the moment.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

haul..coming soon

Hi guys

I really wanna do a haul post as I got some new things recently, but my phone has died, I have no idea where my USB cable is for my camera and so I can't take pics until my new phone arrives.

I'll be doing one then though, on my MAC buys and my... **SCREAM** Matthew Williamson for H&M buys.

all with my shiny new LG arena.

my purse HATES me
Should be some time this weekend I hope, my phone is still in packing though so it may not arrive until next week.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

New hair and top picks

Hi guys,

I've had my hair cut into a slightly different style and although I was a bit wary at first, I've decided that I love it. My hair is basically undercut, all the way round my head, very short, not shaved, pointed at my face and then the upper layers get longer round my face. I had my fringe cut at an angle this time, as below, and as I said, I now love it.

I don't really have much to talk about, I bought some things from MAC recently, which should arrive in a few days so I'll do a haul/review then. I'm just gonna go through some summer top picks for clothes and beauty.


Bleached/acid tone jeans.
I got a really cheap pair from Primark a little while ago (I got cheap ones in case I hated them) but I looooove them. They're so sickeningly 80's. Plus I actually have found that Primark jeans fit me best out of any I've tried. BUY SOME. I'm not skinny, and they still suit me so I'd wouldn't be scared off by that.

Batiste Tropical dry shampoo
I LOOOOVE this. It's just so cheap and Tropical smells of coconuts. You simply spray it on your hair, rub it in and brush it out. It just freshens up your hair and makes it smell gorgeous. I have to be careful as my hair is dark, and it can leave a white/grey tinge to your hair. I find it's ok if I don't use too much and brush it out really well.
That's the link for Boots. I actually got mine in Morrisons and it was cheaper there

Revlon Colourstay Makeup with soft flex
This is quite literally the best foundation I have found for my skin and it's not too expensive. i originally picked up some in Walgreens in Vegas as I ran out of Benefit foundation there and I haven't looked back. I get the oily/combination skin type and it just seems to last all day, without transfering off (My phone's touch screen used to be filthy with foundation!)
I'm on my third bottle since November.

Summer clothes.
I like to keep my off season clothes under my bed in a vacuum pack so I have more room in my wardrobe for current season and I think it's time to make the switch over. I cannot WAIT to wear my maxi dress again. It's multi-coloured crazy print and gorgeous. I've also completely forgotten what else is in it, so it's a bit like getting a new wardrobe!

This summer I am loving neon coloured things. Since my hair is so dark I can get away with all bright colours. I have a fantastic neon yellow dress that I'm going to wear out in a few weeks so I may blog about styling it up.

I think that's enough for now, as I said, I'm gonna do a MAC haul after it arrives this week and I think I will do the neon styling post as it can be quite hard to wear.

The newest edition of Rant should be out now, so if you live in Portsmouth, pop into the library, pick up a copy and read my article.

Loveya XOXO

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Rainbow Brights

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a few new eyeshadows so I thought i'd do a couple of looks with them, to show them off and help demonstrate the different uses of brushes.

Rainbow Bright

I already applied a primer to my eyes as the colour will last longer. Using the short shadow brush by GOSH(no 3) I applied Passionate by MAC to the first quarter of my eye.
It doesn't look that bright but trust me, it's a really gorgeous vivid pink.

Then using W7 flat brush(no 5) I applied Jaffa and Bedazzle Dazzle powder by Collection 2000

These pigments are really cheap but most have a really nice sparkle to them and come in lots of vivid colours.

The green was taken from the w7 palette I mentioned in a previous post, I can't give you the name as I've left the name sheet at home. I, again used brush no 3 to apply this colour, blending it right out the corner of my eye. I took brush No 6 and blended all the lines between colours, taking care not to actually take any of the colour off.

The blue was also taken from the W7 palette and I used Lotusland and Lilac touch E/S by MAC underneath my eye. I blended a deep blue from the outer rim, to the middle, into Lilac touch and then into lotus land, using my no 3 brush.

Once I blended all the colours, blending the deep blue back out into the green, I added Black liquid liner by Collection 2000(my tried and tested favourite) and MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in Feline to complete the look

Pink orange Look

I wanted to do a quick look to show some of the other new eyeshadows I got recently.

I started with Soft Flower by MAC, which is a really nice peachy pink, and applied it over my whole lid using my No4 brush. Using the same brush, I applied a really pale shimmery peach as a highlight, right up to my brow. I then, used my No8 brush to apply Sunset B by MAC over the middle of my lid.

Then I used brush No5. to apply Jaffa Dazzle Me! pigment to the outer corner of my eye, using Brush No3 to apply Passionate by Mac along my crease, I then used brush No 6 to blend the two colours

I mixed the two colours and blended them along the lower lash line and again, added my usual black liners

Hope you've enjoyed these two looks. Have a look at my previous post to see which brushes I'm referring to.



Hi guys,

I've been having a little bit of trouble deciding what to blog on, I kept wanting to post pics but I'd lost my USB cable, however that has now been found.

I'm gonna show you my growing make up brush collection, just a few words on what I use them all for, and then some new eye looks using the new e/s I bought the other day.

Make up brushes.

I just started my collection but it's growing fast. I went to Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh and bought a MAC brush roll so I can keep them all together and transport them easily

This whole thing rolls up and also has additional pockets for other items.

  1. Big powder brush from Boots. Applying bronzer or face powder
  2. Face brush by MAC. Applying foundation. This is also great for cream blusher
  3. Short round eye brush by GOSH. Excellent for detail on crease and under eye
  4. Flat XL eye brush by GOSH. Good for whole eye application.
  5. Flat 02 eye brush by W7. Use to apply a lot of pigment.
  6. Blending brush by Sephora. BLENDS
  7. Short shader brush by Sephora. MAC 214 dupe. Use to densely shade lids.
  8. Small angled bristle brush. I don't use this too often. Works with gel liners and for eyebrows
  9. Medium fluff brush. Applying eyeshadows to a mid sized area. Mostly use on the mid to outer corner of the eye
  10. Small powder brush. More densely applied powder. Can be used for face or blush
  11. 169 Small angled contour brush by MAC. My blusher brush. Works well with 2 tones to contour cheek bones.

I hope that helps with some ideas on what to use different brushes for. Any questions, COMMENT! I'm gonna be doing a bright shadows post in a moment, so I can show how some of these brushes are actually used.

Love yax