Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year



I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all my readers.  This has certainly been a great year for me.  I started blogging and it’s seriously changed my life.  I now have a hobby and an outlet for being creative, which has made me such a happier person.

I’ve met some amazing people through my blog, and have been given some lovely opportunities, so I like to express how grateful I am.

Have a fun New Year everyone, and I look forward to continuing my blog into 2010.


Lots of love,

Miss Dollygal


Christmas OOTD

I thought I’d post the outfit I wore on Christmas day this year.


Dress- £2 from Primark.  I got this on sale in Summer 08 and have never worn it.  The colour really compliments my new hair colour


Shoes-£25 from New Look.  I got these Spring 08 and again, had never worn them.  I got them for Las Vegas- the straps are pure gold glitter and the heel is a gold cone shape.  They are so uncomfortable, which is why I’ve never worn them!

close up

This is the only proper pic I have of my face.  I was wearing GA lashes in Cheryl (you can see a close up here) and just some gold shadow.  We weren’t allowed presents until we got dressed so I didn’t want to waste much time applying lots of make up.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas


Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I realise I've been doing a lot of these lately but they're currently my fav type of post and the only make up I'm allowing myself to buy at the moment.

This was a Christmas present and the first time I have tried a No7 polish.

This is No7 stay perfect polish in Betty Blues. In the bottle it's dark blue with blue glitter. In real life it's like liquid PVC. It looks black in this pic but it is actually a very dark blue. It's just so gorge and shiny, I haven't used any top coat.

Formula was lovely, I used 2 coats but 1 would have been enough. It didn't take too long to dry either.

Gets big love from me. I'll be trying more in the future.


Monday, 28 December 2009

Monday Poll

1. Mood: Content
2. A New Year’s Resolution?
3. Today’s hair?
Pulled back off my face using my eye mask that I sleep in!

4. Highlight of your weekend?
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks:
Nothing on any of them :)
6. Plans for New Year’s?
Staying in, with G and the dog
7. Current favorite lipgloss?
MAC Dazzleglass creme in Sublime shine
8. Something you’d like to do today?
I achieved my goal of nothing
9. Outfit:
Christmas PJ’S
10. Weekly goals:
relax and not think about work


Monday, 21 December 2009

Holiday nails

It's the big one, nails for christmas day! I wanted to go all out this year so I've gone for falses nails too. So here we have it- my Christmas candy cane nails

I've used short square nails by kiss, opi alpine snow in matte and a red sparkle nail art polish by la colours. It's so amazingly tacky. I painted each nail in White and then freehand drew 3 diagonal lines across each nail in red.

What do you think?
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Monday, 14 December 2009

Fotd and ootd

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I'm going to see miley Cyrus tonight. Here's my outfit and make up for this evening

And a special pic of my new boots

Which were £10 from Ebay! They're ankle length, flat and slouchy.

For the first time in ages, I've not worn black liquid/gel eyeliner

Gosh primer
Maybelline mineral powder foundation in rose ivory
Mac studio finish concealer in nc20
Nars kahuna bronzer in contour
Sleek blusher in pixie pink
Mac msf natural in light


Mac paint pot in soft ochre
Mac vanilla and lotus land e/s
Purples from Graphite palette by Sleek
Mac soft sparkle pencil in iris accents
Cargo lash activator
Covergirl lash blast in very black

Let them eat cake lipbalm by lush
Barry m lip paint in 129

Apologies for the rubbish pics, I need to get some batteries for my camera

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Holiday nails

Here's the second look in my holiday nail series. This is blue glitter by Barry M. Again, this is just 2 coats.

I bought some nail gems from poundland so I popped a few stars on the tips.
Here's a close up


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Let them eat cake

Yum. Although I didn't need another lip balm, especially after buying that one in NY, I've been thinking about Lush's let them eat cake since I smelt in Oct.

It smells like christmassy butter scotch. It's so delicious smelling, I cannot stop having a sniff!

In terms of consistancy, it's a little different to the other Lush lipbalms I have tried.

This one is very creamy rather than being solid and you just need a tiny amount. It feels ever so slightly gritty when you first apply, which exfoliates your lips and then dissolves into a creamy, glossy balm.
As far as I know, this is LE for Christmas so pick it up soon if you fancy trying it.


Saturday, 5 December 2009

Holiday nails

I've had some ideas for holiday nails so I thought I'd do a series.
This is red glitter by Barry M

This polish is insane. It's so glittery. I applied just two coats and it's completely opaque. The fomula was lovely and dried really quickly. Totally worth the pain it will be to remove.

Here's a better close up of the colour

I have a glitter green, snowflake and candy cane nails coming up soon

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Thursday, 3 December 2009


This is Deceit by George at Asda. It's a slightly shimmering, gun metal grey but has a blue undertone which I really don't like :( However the formula is great. I love quick drying polishes and this was dry in minutes. At £1.50 each, I shall be buying a tonne more!
Any colours to recommend?

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Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Yesterday I moaned about MAC Blackground paint pot looking rubbish on me, so I decided to have a look for some inspiration.  With help from Bickyyy and Nikki, I managed to make Blackground work for me today.

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaah


After applying Blackground with my finger, I blended it out using a really stiff crease/pencil brush (mine was from Charles Fox) and then layered MAC All that Glitters, Woodwinked and Amber Lights over Blackground which just made it more dramatic.  I also used Sleek blush in Flamingo and MAC Peaches blush to give me really dramatic, 80’s cheeks.

Here’s a close of the eye (sorry it’s poor, my camera battery ran out)

It was much more like the full face photo in real life.

I also did a massive quiff today and pinned the rest back into a mohican.  It’s my fav hairstyle.


It’s not very backcombed as I’m just going to bed but you get the general idea.

So now- Blackground I’m loving you.


Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday Poll

1. Mood: Less grouchy than the rest of my day.  Rather warm and cosy now
2. What’s your favorite body lotion at the moment? Ok. I admit it. I don’t use any.  I’ve never found one I thought made any difference.  Perhaps you could recommend one to me?
3. Yay or nay for ankle booties? big FAT YAY. I have hundreds of pairs and a new pair waiting at the post office for me.
4. Are you a creative person?
I like to think so.  I’m just not very good at it!
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Graphite palette, Gosh Darling, Mac Peaches
6. Any beauty items on your wish list? NONE. I am renouncing make up
7. How did you sleep? I slept ok. but not for long
8. What are your plans for the holidays? See previous post
9. Outfit: Now- pink zebra pjs, today- Black leggings, black Uggs, denim shirt and red bowler hat
10. Weekly goals: to buy all my Christmas presents so I can stop worrying!


NYC Haul Post part 3


I LOVED Bloomies.  Such a gorgeous shop! I hit MAC here on one of our final days in NYC- here’s my haul


NARS Laguna bronzer- Obv not MAC, I picked this up whilst waiting for my family to go to the toilet.  It’s a favorite, I’ve wanted to try it for ages and it was just there.  I haven’t really used it yet- I like to look pale in winter so I think it’s a bit overkill

Mac Sheertone blush in Dollymix- BRIGHT PINK!! I love it.  I’m a bit gutted as I saw it in my CCO recently and I paid full price.

MAC Dazzleglass creme in Amorous & Sublime Shine. I adore Dazzleglasses but I can’t stand the stickiness. Creme sorts that out for me. PERFECT

MAC E/S in Scene- Dark muted blue-grey in Satin finish. I haven’t actually used this yet!

MAC paint pots in Soft Ochre and Blackground.  Got both for bases. Soft Ochre has been used every day since. Love it. I’ve tried blackground on a smokey eye and it looked shit.  Can someone help me with this please?

MAC Soft sparkle eye pencils in Iris accents and Nightsky. I’m a sucker for glitter. These are a bit meh.  I’ve used both, neither are great to be honest.  Very chunky glitter and not much pigmentation in the purple.

MAC 224 Blending brush. I genuinely don’t know what I did before this brush.  It blends so beautifully without taking the colour off.

I was served by a really pushy guy in MAC.  He was lovely and helpful(and very good, he served me, my sister in law and another lady without any of us feeling left out) but he kept joking about how G should be paying.  The first time was funny, the tenth- not so much.  He also got me the black paint pot when I asked for Sharkskin Shade stick, without any explanation and really tried to push us both to get mascaras (even telling me that buying one the day before was not a good enough reason to get one)  So rather a mixed MAC customer service experience!

I have one more NYC haul post for you (drugstore) and can do a fifth if you’re interested in my Hello Kitty stuff too?


Sunday, 29 November 2009


I've just settled down under my snuggie to watch the original Miracle on 34th street so I thought I'd post a blog concerning Christmas.

I love Christmas and I think I've always strived but never achieved the perfect christmas. I don't know what it is but my family never get as excited as I do. This year we're doing things a bit differently and G and I are spending Christmas day with our best friends.
We've started planning and we're going to have champagne breakfast, special Christmas dresses and an amazing Christmas dinner. I am so excited! My family aren't too happy but I think it's time I thought about what I want to do for a change.
Are you guys doing anything different for the holidays?



I finally caved and got Sleek polish in royalty. Gorgeous winter colour. It took a little while to dry but had a nice opaque colour with 2 coats and no chipping so far. It was only £2.99 from Superdrug.
As you can see, my nails are shorter again. I snapped my thumb nail and decided to chop the rest off. I actually think I prefer them this length, it's easier for them to look neat.

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Friday, 27 November 2009


Just trying my new blogger app for my phone.
This week's Look has some beautiful make up looks in it that I'm dying to recreate on my friend. Would you be interested in seeing a post on this and maybe a tutorial?
Let me know!

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Monday, 23 November 2009

NYC Haul Post part 2


Yes I realise it’s been ages since I went to NYC but I just haven’t gotten round to showing all the hauls!

Here’s my Sephora haul


Surprisingly small.  I was only allowed a small amount of time in Sephora(maybe an hour) and I decided just to get things I needed.

1. Sephora daily brush cleaner. I really like this.  Quick spray to my brushes in the morning and they’re super clean.

2. Sugar lip treatment by Fresh.  I feel a bit conned by this.  I realised as I was going to the counter that I wanted a sugar scrub and hadn’t looked for one.  I grabbed this in the queue, paid $22.50 for it (didn’t even look at the price) got it back to a hotel and it was.. a lipbalm. Pah

3. MUFE Matte eye shadow in #18- Tangerine.  I’ve wanted a really bright orange for ages and this was the most pigmented shade I have found

4. UDPP. I caved after everyone’s raving on this post.  I can’t say it’s any better than MAC Prep+prime eye, which is what I was using before.

5. OPI by Sephora- Metro Chic Matte. I couldn’t resist trying this shade. It’s meh.

6. Sephora Bronzing brush #44. I needed a new Kabuki and this one has a long handle(as you can see!)  I really like it.  No fall out ye, very firm and soft.

I also treated my mum to MUFE HD Primer in pink.  I just asked her and she really likes it.  She said it definitely brightens her complexion and helps her foundation glide on better.


Sunday, 22 November 2009

Chloe Paddington

In August you might remember that I visited my boyfriend’s family in Scotland and that he was going to get me a new bag.  Well he did and I’ve never given it blog love until now.

This is my Chloe Paddington


It’s the larger size in black.  We got in Edinburgh Harvey Nichols.  I’ve tried but I can’t really find anywhere legitimate to buy it online anymore, I’m afraid.

I still cannot believe that I own this beautiful bag.  It’s been No2 on my wish list for years (Chanel 2.55 is still No1) and I didn’t think I would ever own it.

The padlock,

actually works!  You can open it using the key and secure the zips using it.


The zips open from the middle outwards, and opens up wide.  The bag itself is really big, it doesn’t really matter how much I stuff in it, the bag itself is already really heavy!  The only issue I have with it is the zips.  As they zip into the middle, it makes it difficult to do up without setting the bag down or asking someone to hold it.  The shape of the bag also makes it a bit difficult to find things but I wouldn’t give it up for anything. 


New coat

My lovely bf bought me (amongst other things) a gorgeous new coat for my birthday so I thought I’d show it off.

I tried it on whilst shopping with Charlotte a few weeks ago and LOVED it but had just spent most of my wages on my iphone so I couldn’t afford it.  He snuck off after work and got it for me for my birthday.




It’s from Dorothy Perkins and currently in the sale.

I just love the colour and the style really suits my shape.  I never look good in coats so I adore wearing this.



It seems that everyone here loves dogs so I couldn’t help dedicating a post to the doggy in my life.

Meet Tasha.


She’s about 11 or 12 and is a pedigree Golden Retriever and I love her

She’s actually my boyfriend’s dog.  I’ve never owned a dog and until I meet Tashy, I was actually scared of dogs and I really didn’t like them but how could you resist this face?


She’s so beautiful and loves cuddles.





I <3 Tashy Puppy


Sunday, 15 November 2009


I love this


O.P.I Pine Snow Matte and Revlon Blackest Black


The Matte white was a little difficult to work with but looked a lot less like Tippex than I thought it would.


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

FOTD-Sleek Sunset palette

Not many words, just pics.






Ask if you want to know any products used.

Ft my fab fur coat


Monday, 9 November 2009



This is a new polish I bought in NY, it’s by Milani and it’s called Good Morning Sunshine (such a cute name) and it’s so shiny and gold and tacky. I feel like a Jackie Collin’s character.


Saturday, 7 November 2009

MAC Pomposity

My new l/s of the moment. I won’t review it as it’s not readily available(it’s LE from CCO) but it’s safe to say, I LOVE it.





Thursday, 5 November 2009

What rocks..and what doesn’t

What rocks

*Having not one, but TWO Sleek stands near me now <3

*MAC Pomposity l/s. Just about to get it’s own post

*Covergirl Lash Blast. Easily lived up to the hype. Will be featured soon

*Red hair. I’m obsessed. Going to chat it over next week and call my hair dresser to extend my appointment time for a colour

*iphone. I’ve just ordered one

*Youtube. I’ve just rediscovered how much I enjoy watching tutorials. Been watching a lot of iphone love videos too

* Lipglossiping. We shopped and lunched this week. It was fab, she is fab and her baby is fab. Please check her out if you haven’t already.

* USA. I don’t what it is, but something keeps pulling me back there. We’re planning another trip to Vegas next year, making it our fourth trip to America in the same amount of years <3 I will be very surprised if I haven’t lived there at some point by the end of my life

What sucks

*Going to work on Monday. Le sigh. I could just lay about, blogging, all the time

*having to wait until MONDAY or TUESDAY for my iphone. I want it now dammit

*Missing American junk food.

*Missing a good coffee everyday. Just can’t afford to buy one

*Not being able to play with all my recent make up. I’ve left it at home and I’m not there. grrr.


Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I’ve uploaded some non fashion/make up pics to my tumblr if anyone’s interested in seeing those.  You can find it here.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Matte nails

I have been OBSESSED with matte nails for a while now. I know I could’ve bought the polishes online but I wanted to wait until I visited the US, to avoid any P&P/custom charges.

I got so excited about buying some from Duane Reade that I also bought nail polish remover and put it on as soon as I got back to the hotel.

For the rest of the holiday I wore O.P.I Lincoln Park after Dark Matte, which was around $8 from Duane Reade


It’s a dark, black cherry colour, but mostly just looks black. I adore the matte finish, I think it’s really unusual but like most things, there is a downside.
Matte nail polish is chip CITY. Mine started chipping within hours of wearing it, and I noticed that after a while, the matte effect wore off and the nails became shiny again. The upside is that the polish dries so quickly, that it doesn’t take long to touch up any chipping at all. You can literally see the polish drying and turn from shiny to matte.

I also got Metro Chic Matte from Sephora, which I have on at the moment. Again, love the finish, I just think the colour is a little dull for me.



What do you think? Have you tried Mattes yet? What’s your favourite colour?