Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Natural, glowing FOTD

I met my future sister in law’s other bridesmaid on Saturday and couldn’t be bothered with full on make up (plus I didn’t want to scare them off with my crazy, bright shadow)

I wanted to look glowing, and I rather liked the effect.



No7 Tinted moisturiser, NYC Loose powder, No7 sundrenched bronzer. Blush- mix of Pink swoon and Sunbasque by MAC


Just my normal swoosh of gel liner but I used brown mascara for the first time ever. Really liked the effect, much softer and more natural than black, even though I am very dark.


NYX Round Lipstick in Iris- a soft, sheer peach with a gold sheen.

Oh and I’ve had my hair done again, if you haven’t noticed. Gone very dark this time, a shade up from black, and had the ends levelled off, into more of a bob so it grows more evenly.

What do you think?

Monday, 28 June 2010

No7 LE Summer collection

Finally at the end of of my review! On to my favourite type of make up, eyeshadow.

The Sun Drenched eye palette comes in the same packaging as the bronzer and has a retro, 70’s feel.


I have to say, I thought that the shades were a little predictable for summer but I was pleasantly surprised by the top two, the gold and silver, as these a really subtle high light colours, rather than fully pigmented.



The bronze and dark brown are really smooth and pigmented, this was with one swipe. The gold and silver need a bit more work, but that’s why the work so nicely as a highlight. I was actually very surprised with the pigmentation of the darker colours, in the past, I have found other No7 eyeshadows have been very weak, without much staying power.

This is perfect for keeping in a beach bag, and slapping on, ready for lunch. the colours compliment each other well, and like all bronzes, golds, silvers, will work really nicely with a tan.

Sundrenched eye shadow palette is £13.50, and is available at Boots until 13th July.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lips in the sun

How glorius is the weather in the uk? My best friend through this heat wave has been my MAC sun tint

This was from last years Baby Bloom collection which I thought had come a little late in the year to be useful(late August I believe) but I searched this out of my collection as soon as the clouds cleared.

High in SPF, this liquid lipbalm is perfect for sun bathing. It's very thick so it sits on your lips rather than soaking like say, Vaseline. This means the sun doesn't melt it away, leaving it very long lasting in the heat. It's thick but not sticky. If I touch my lips, the residue melts away into nothing on my finger. Quite a clever formula considering it doesn't on the lips.

I picked up pink tinge. Not a particulary inventive name there and doesn't really leave any tinge on my lips.

But I'm not that fussed as it's a balm after all.
Great application-

The nozzle makes it easy to apply the right amount. It also smells of sun lotion! Which has to be one of my favourite smells ever. All in all, a great lip product for hot climates

Saturday, 26 June 2010

No7 LE Summer Collection

This third product is another rave and I’m afraid it’s going to involve a picture of my toes.


PHWOAR! Look at the shine on that polish.  Stay Perfect Nail colour in Sunshine. Weird name for a silver colour, Sunshine definitely conjures up gold in my mind, but never mind.

I didn’t own a silver polish, and with my sunset look already on my fingers, and my pedi looking rather shabby, I slapped it on my toes.



I was astounded with the quality of this polish. Opaque in ONE coat.  That’s unheard of, for me, for a silver.  It’s usually so sheer, it would take about 5 to get to this.  Non streaky, dried quickly. Just perfect.  The colour is gorgeous too, like molten metal and has a semi matte finish, so it looks very sophisticated, rather than flashy.

The polish costs £7.25 and is also available in another LE colour, Sunny Days, a chocolate brown, until 13th June

Thursday, 24 June 2010

No7 LE Summer Collection

Here’s part 2 of my Sun drenched review, I received 4 different products and had different opinions on them so all, so I thought you’d appreciate seperate reviews.

A product I was not so keen on was Sun Drenched lip gloss in Golden Peach.


So this looks beautiful in the pot (I’ll get onto that in a moment) Lovely glossy, peach colour with bits of gold suspended in it.

It goes on the lips and..

CU lipgloss

It’s given my lips a moist look but that’s it. I may be slightly biased as I tend to dislike lip gloss anyway, but there’s not much gloss or high shine to this.

I really don’t like pots of lip gloss either. I have long nails and to get lipgloss stuck under them really isn’t nice. It also has no smell or taste whatsoever. I find this really weird and keep sniffing it thinking I might be mistaken. Nope, nada.

The gloss feels quite heavy on, but because it lacks a high shine, it doesn’t have an unbearable sticky feeling. I don’t think my hair would stick to it. It has a reasonable lasting power, nothing special.

This might be a nice product to chuck in a beach bag, and use over the top of an SPF lip balm whilst sunbathing but apart from that, I probably wouldn’t use it.

This costs £10 and is available in Golden Peach and Golden Rum until 13th July.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Freedom by George at Asda. One of my new buys. Totally beautiful. Love the matte pale pi k. Hasn't lasted long but longer than my opi mattes and the matte finish is still going. Worth popping into Asda to get it for £1

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No7 LE Summer Collection

Screen shot 2010-06-08 at 12.27.53 PM

The No7 summer collection Sun Drenched has been available since 19th May and is taken off shelves on 13th July. The whole collection is aiming for a subtle bronzed glow, rather than an orange fake tan.

I was sent a few bits from the collection and I had mixed thoughts on the products.

Starting with my favourite, the Sculpting bronzer


The packaging is great, very 70’s tortoise shell. The bronzer itself is separated into 4 shades, meaning you can use it for contouring your face or swoosh them together for an all over bronzer. I’ve only used it in the latter way, and I adore it’s glow. More than Nars Laguna (which I have to say, does nothing for me) At £13.50, this is a lot more purse friendly than Nars too. There’s no shimmer to this and gives my pasty skin a lovely, healthy colour.


Admittedly, the hand swatches make it look awful, trust me, I’ve heavily swatched just to show the difference in the 4 colours.

I would thoroughly recommend any pasty ladies grab one in Boots before they disappear forever!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Notd and a little haul..

Hi girlies,

Sorry for leaving it so long between posts, once I’m moved and settled I really will be blogging properly, just a warning that I may be a little bit sporadic for the next month though.

George by Asda polishes are a quid again so I couldn’t resist another couple


2 Mattes- Venom(black) and Freedom (baby pink)
Glitter top coat- Jackpot

Now on to my current mani. I had to give the gradient another try. I’d still been dreaming about sunset coloured nails and I had the most neon colours in mind.


Didn’t quite turn out how I wanted. Yellow is Barry M Acid yellow, Orange is George @ Asda Sunset Orange and pink is MUA.

I’m not sure if it’s the difference in colours or the lower quality polish but it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the blue. Sadface. have tried putting Jackpot over the top. It’s not made much difference but I really like the very subtle glitter in the top coat


The glitter is very fine and very sparse, meaning it can be built up or left to be very subtle. Not bad at all for a pound.

Any ideas to help me with the gradient? or colour suggestions?

Friday, 11 June 2010


The general feeling on comments on my work appropriate Gaga look was MORE, MORE, MORE! So I’ve done it again.

This time, totally not work appropriate (or going anywhere for that matter!) but still totally fun.

Inspired by the “minnie mouse” look on the Paparazzi video





I did most of this look using C2000 fast stroke liquid eyeliner. I drew the lip shape and filled it in using it and also drew my eyes.

This was really easy to do, probably because I used hardly any other products (just foundation and black eye shadow) Normally I would’ve done lashes and my hair, but my fringe is way too long, and I have no false lashes available.

What do you think?


Any Gaga looks you’d like me to try and recreate?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Primark treat

I spied this dress hidden in Primark and thought it would be rude not to get it.



Simple tunic style, with an elasticated waist


How cute is that print?

It was the back that sold it for me though..


Massive bow with a cut out!

Have you found anything cheap yet completely cute in Primark recently?

Monday, 7 June 2010


After I bought MAC Love Rock mineralize blush, I had to wear it straight away.

I find it easiest to wear basic eye make up to work so I like to pair it with strong cheeks or lips, which are far quicker to apply.


I wanted a paler pink to wear on my lips with this blush and I think MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick goes really well with Love Rock.



I swirled my brush in Love Rock and applied from under my apple, up to the top of my cheek bone. I then blended more of the highlight side across my cheek bone.

I’m in love with Love Rock!


Sunday, 6 June 2010

NOTD-Ocean print

I really wanted to do leopard print nails today but I left my black polish at home and had a total fail using white. Instead I tried out Leanne’s gorgeous gradient look.

I really wanted sunset style colours but I went with the ocean because of the limited colours I had with me (again, I’m at G’s house today!)

So here’s my first attempt at gradient nails


I used George @ Asda- Frost Bite for the lightest colour, Barry M Turquoise for the medium and Barry M Cobalt blue for the darkest colour.

I loved how it turned out but I still wasn’t completely nail arted out, so I added some white zebra stripes to the tips


Here’s my finished look. Check out Leanne’s tutorial and the lovely Milly has tried this look recently, check out how hers turned out here.

It makes me want to dive straight in here


Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bitter disappointment

It’s not often I buy make up and get it home and regret my purchase but I cannot work out how to make this product work so it definitely falls into this category.

MAC Cream Colour base in Hush


Its a nice peach, with a lot of gold in it and I thought it would make the perfect base under a peach blush.

I swatched in my CCO and was very impressed with the colour pay off. I got it home, applied it on my cheeks and… nothing.
I’ve tried it as a highlight but it blends in so much that it does nothing.
I’ve tried it on my eyes, even under different bases (it also being a cream base itself, remember) and it creased like crazy.

Here’s a few swatches of bitterness!
The swatches look much better on my hand than my face.

Anyone advice on how to make this work? Or should I put it to the back of my make up drawer and forget its existence?

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gaga inspired FOTD

You may or may not know that I went to see Lady Gaga on Sunday and I was still on a Gaga high after my weekend so I decided to go for a Gaga FOTD. I was actually going to work so I toned it WAY down.

I used my picture of her to help create my look


BIG curly hair, thick eyeliner and bright lipstick


The sides of my hair are still much shorter so I haven’t quite got the weight to fully curl it yet.



No7 tinted moisturiser
YSL Touche Eclait
MAC Pink Swoon blush

MAC paint pot- soft ochre
MAC BlackTrack gel liner
W7 palette- dark brown for eyebrows

Rimmel Colour show off lipstick-Shocking Pink

I know EVERYONE does this, but how would you feel about more Gaga inspired FOTD pics?