Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Lipstick of the moment

Today’s lipstick of the moment is

Barry M 129- Palest Lavender


This a beautiful pale lavender colour(as the name suggests!) and is one of Bazzas famous lip paints

P0743[01]_30-09-09 P0743_30-09-09

How much? £4.25

Where can I buy it? Online, Superdrug and some Boots.

What do they say? With over 30 shades to suit every mood and taste from softly shimmering pastels to vibrant colours

All Lip Paint's have a soft, beautiful smooth texture that is packed full of natural moistures to help them glide on and stay comfortable to wear for hours.

What do I say? I LOVE the colour. Although it does wash me out a little, it’s so unusual. The l/s itself is really moisturising, unlike some lip paints(101 anyone?) but hasn’t got much staying power. I applied it before work this morning and it was gone within 1/2 hour. But if you fancy channelling your inner GaGa, it’s a cheap way to give it a go!




Tuesday, 29 September 2009



It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, mainly due to lack of time in the morning but I loved my e/s colours today so I’ve taken some pics after work. My friend (Kirsty from girl’s night out post) gave me a few Barry M dazzle dusts she didn’t like and I’d bought MAC Greensmoke from Caroline’s blogsale so I wanted to pair the 2 together.




It doesn’t look very green in the photos but they’re both fairly dark, foresty greens with shimmer. Prob too much for day time and work but I don’t care!


I’ve been on the look for Gosh Holographic it since Bickyyy showed me her swatch and I found it on Sunday.



I felt like a robot after I’d painted them. Unfortunately, some of the effect is taken away with a top coat, and it’s started to rub off(in a weird, non chipped way) without one :(


Saturday, 26 September 2009

What rocks..and what doesn’t

What’s rocking my world at the moment?

What Rocks

* Strictly come dancing
Oh I <3 Strictly. The costumes and make up are just amazing. It’s making my weekend at the moment and the standard is pretty high this year. Haven’t decided who I’m backing yet


*Girls Aloud Lashes
Before trying these, I hated false lashes. I couldn’t apply them, they irritated my eyes and I was constantly worried they would fall off. I recently took advantage of Superdrug’s Buy one, get one 1/2 price offer and got Cheryl’s and Kimberly’s lashes and I love both of them. The design of the glue bottle is great, the lashes are easy to apply and last all day/night.

P1320_19-09-09 Kimberly’sP2208[01]_12-09-09 Cheryl’s

I know they look a bit nasty but I’m so pleased to pull my Uggs back on. I own tall chestnut and short sand ones & they’re absurdly comfortable. I’m tempted to buy a new pair out in NYC, as they’re selling for almost £100 cheaper there atm. I’m loving the grey, navy and purple ones. Click here to ‘ave a look

*MAC satin L/S in Rebel
Another dark autumn shade. I’ve swatched it in a previous post and it’s the most gorgeous dark pinky, purpley red. It’s quite full on for day (doesn’t bother me!) but I’ve worn it all day at work, to the hair dressers and then a gig. It’s amazing. It’s def going to appear properly in a lipstick of the moment post.

*Barry M Nail polish in Raspberry.
Thanks for supplying my perfect autumn nails Bazza. I’ve seen at least 2 more dark reds that I’ll be getting.


What sucks

* My sore mouth/lip
The part where my top lip meets my bottom lip(the corner of my mouth?) has become incredibly sore and dry and unsightly. I have no idea what to do with it(I’m religiously applying 8 hour cream) but it’s starting to get me down. Go away. Help would be appreciated

*Lack of motivation
Diet wise, I’ve been doing badly. I have 2 more pounds til I’ve lost a stone, and I’d ideally more after that but I can feel myself slipping. Anyone have any ideas on how I can motivate myself into getting back to the diet?

*Honey I washed the kids soap
Biggest let down EVER. Soap bar smelt so nice. Once used with washing? smells nothing like honey and doesn’t make my hands smell like honey either. Boo.

*Blog sales
Bless you girls for having blog sales but they are so terribly bad for my bank balance. I’ve spent almost £60 just on 2 sales. It’s all out of my flat deposit savings too! My feelings are once the place is bought, I won’t be able to afford MU so I may as well stock up now. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all though.

Maybelline FOTD

After getting back from the event, I took all my goodies to my show my friend Lisa(she’s just starting reading this, HIIIII) and her sister asked me to do her make up using the products and this was the look I came up with


I used the Mineral foundation(I’ll do a review on this another time but it’s safe to say I love it) and the blue e/s quad. I was really impressed with the quality of these e/s(I didn’t think much of the solo ones, crease city!) She’s also wearing Pulse perfection mascara which made her lashes look AMAZING.


Lipstick of the moment

Since getting a lot of the Maybelline Colour Sensational l/s from the event, I've decided to do a mini series reviewing them and my other favorite lipsticks. I've seen this on a few other blogs (Lilyloveslola, makeupbycaroline to name a few) and I love it.

Today I present to you Midnight Plum

This is from the Maybelline Colour Sensational range.

How much? £6.92

Where can I get it? Boots, Superdrugs etc

What do they say? Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick is a colour sensational. Crisp Colour from our pigment technology. Creamy feel, enriched with honey nectar. Intensify your lip colour with our captivating shades. It's the colour of right now.

What do I say? This is a perfect autumn colour. It's dark enough to make an impact but is really wearable and doesn't look too vampy. The l/s itself is really moisturising. I was quite impressed with the staying power of the l/s, after the initial coat wore off, I was left with a nice stain on my lips. There is a slight shimmer to the colour so you might want to avoid this if you're after a matt l/s but I personally feel this helps make it more wearable.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

NYC outfit ideas

After days of getting annoyed and frustrated, I finally worked out Polyvore. As you may know, I'm going to NYC in just over 4 weeks and I'm starting to plan my outfits. It's going to be cold so I want to make sure I wrap up warmly. I've been scouring the internet looking for new clothes but I'm finding myself a bit stuck. If you've seen anything that you think would work, please link me!

Here's my first set

NYC by missdollygal

It seems really boring but I'm thinking of keeping it quite simple and classic.

Let me know what you think!


Monday, 21 September 2009

Girls night out looks

Hi everyone,

I know I've been on the missing list again, but what can I say, sometimes I'm just too tired to blog when I get in from work! Lazy I know, but it's going to be so much easier when I move out as G and I will have our own laptops and not sharing one as we do now.

So a few Saturdays ago I went out with my girls for the first time in ages so I thought i'd post a few pics of our pre-night out grooming session. Expect it to be picture heavy!

The usual, Colourstay etc.

MAC prep+prime eye
Beauty UK Palette
Girls Aloud Cheryl fake lashes
MAC glitterliner in Limedandy

I LOVED these lashes. They were so massive and fake looking but they stayed on, really comfortably all night and were easy to apply. They're on offer in Boots and Superdrug atm so I'd go grab some.

I also did my friend's make up

Same as mine

Mac prep+prime eye
Same beauty uk palette
Mac e/s in jewel blue
Mac fluid line in Blacktrack
Diorshow mascara

and now OUTFITS!


Top- ASOS.
Jeans- Can't remember, sorry!


Dress- Topshop


Hair ext-Peacocks(hah!)

So we had fun getting ready, drinking bubbly, watching X factor and had a good night dancing.
I'll leave you with a few more poses


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Maybelline Event

On Thursday I and many others attended a bloggers event at the L'oreal headquarters in Hammersmith, hosted by Maybelline.

When I read the invite to this I was really excited, I genuinely love Maybelline products and usually buy any new products by them.

I met Charlotte at Fareham train station around 11 as we live quite near to each other and we caught the train to Waterloo. Charlotte, by the way, is fantastic. Please do check out her blog(click her name!) and we spent the whole time chatting about blogging and make up.

We met up with Leanne at Waterloo and made our way to Covent Garden, and met up with Sophie and Lydia. All 5 of us being make up fantatics, we took a wee trip to Charles Fox, MAC, Shu Umera, Space Nk and Screenface.
I thought I was very reserved and although I saw I lot of stuff I LOVED, I managed to come away with this haul

I got both brushes in Charles Fox as they were insanely cheap, the pencil brush is amazing. In MAC I picked up satin l/s in Rebel and Rue d'rouge Dazzleglass, both of which I wanted in Scotland but they'd sold out of.

I also picked up some GA lashes, buy one, get one half price in Superdrug yesterday so I thought I'd throw those in the photo too. I got Cheryl and Kimberly's. I'm usually rubbish with false lashes but I'll give it a go tonight and take some photos etc for a review if they go well.

Anyway, back to Maybelline! We finished our shopping and caught the tube to Hammersmith and were welcomed at L'oreal by Natalie. The building was really cool and we went all the way to the top, to what seemed like a really cool staff canteen(with coffee bar!) and we served drinks, sarnies and Percy Piggies :)

After chatting and scoffing, we sat down to a presentation by Charlotte and the two Katies from Maybelline. Charlotte was incredible looking, I was LOVING her hair!

After a wee introduction to the brand, we were told about the two new products from Maybelline, both of which I'd already looked into a bit, but hadn't purchased yet.

Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara is the first high street mascara to adopt a vibrating head, which helps to seperate your lashes. I was actual quite sceptical about this, and was ready to put it down to gimmick but I used it in my Maybelline FOTD and it's amazing. I was pleasently surprised. I'm planning a proper review on it

Colour Sensational is a new range of highly pigmented lipsticks which come in a huge range of colours. I actually managed to get 10 of these from the event so I'll post a pic of each one as I wear it. I tried one on the way home and found it had a really moisturising formula and a really shimmery colour.

Katie went on to tell us about the rest of the range, most of which I was already really familar with and then we were let lose on the make up! They'd set up a foundation bar, seperate testers of bronzing, lip and eye products and had 2 MUA giving out tips and doing make overs. it was really nice to chat to everyone from Maybelline about products I love.

We were given the MOST generous gift bags, and it seemed everytime I swatched something, I was told to keep it. Also, by the end, anyone left was told to just take anything we wanted from the tables, most of which was brand new and un opened. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Face Products close up

eye products close up

Lips and nails close up

This was a really great afternoon and I would like to thank Natalie, Charlotte, the two Katies and everyone at Maybelline for inviting me and hosted such a fun afternoon.

Afterwards, Charlotte, Soph and I walked out of Pizza Express(!) and Charlotte and I were nearly sick on by a drunk girl on the train home but they are other stories!
Hope everyone else had a fab time too

P.S Please also click on Sophie, Lydia and Leanne and check out their blogs too. I had such fun with these ladies. Thanks for being a social outcast with me :D

Friday, 11 September 2009

Maybelline FOTD

I attended the Maybelline event yesterday and I'll do a seperate post on it over the weekend(I might even do a further post on the massively generous goodies I got) but I wanted to post a FOTD showing some of the products I received yesterday.

Apologies for the poor photos, I was in a massive rush for work this morning(I'd spent too much time playing with it all!)

Face & lips
Gosh Velvet touch primer
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Light Porcelain
Maybelline mineral concealer(AMAZING I love this)
Mac sunbisque blush
Maybelline Dream Mousse shimmer in Porcelain(this is def my fav non lip and lash product!)
MAC MSF natural in light
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Maybelline Powergloss in Satin Glow

MAC prep + prime eye
Maybelline eye colour express in Stylish Grey all over the lid
Maybelline eyestudio mono in Black Metal in the crease
Mac fluidline in Black track
Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara(which is SO much better than I thought it would be! Highly recommend it)

and there we are! The only thing I want to mention is about the foundation. It went on beautifully, the colour was a really good match but I had a problem when I came to applying my powder blush. My brush just stuck to my cheek and I was left with a big blush stain when I pulled it off, which I then found really hard to blend. I'd stick to a cream blush with this, I think it would work really well.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Answers to Q & A

I've taken slightly longer than I'd originally planned to do this post but as I said, I had a bad week last week and just felt like sleeping every night!

Q.1 If you could only own 5 make up products for the restof your life what would they be and why? from Cat@catslittleobsessions
It would have to be:
1. foundation because I hate my skin and love being covered
2. liquid eyeliner because I've worn it every day since I was about 13 and feel naked without it
3. Blusher because I'm naturally pale and this gives me colour
4. E/S because I love how it can change my face completely
5. concealer because I have really bad dark circles under my eyes.

Q.2 If you had to pick only one HG product for (each category) eyes, lashes, lips, face, cheeks, etc., what would they be? from Faith120604
hmmm hard one
Eyes- Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner. I've tried em all(being an obsession) and just always come back to it. It's cheap and doesn't smudge
Lashes- I don't wear mascara that often actually. I'm choosing Shu umera eye lash curlers. Got them last week- AMAZING. curl lasts all day and opens my eyes up.
Lips- I still LOVE Color Crafted L/S by MAC. It's just the perfect pink for me
Face- gotta be Revlon Colourstay foundation
Cheeks- Mac Pink Swoon blush. Bright pink? yes please

Q.3 what is your favourite place in the world? Or the one place you could stay forever? from Phoebe
without a doubt, Las Vegas. Amazing shopping, clubbing, atmosphere. Just ticked ALL my boxes

Q.4, also from Phoebe, what top m/u items would you recommend?
I would def recommend Revlon colourstay. It just has such a great finish on my skin and lasts longer than any other foundation I've tried. I'd also recommend Beauty Uk e/s palettes from Superdrug. They're so cheap, portable and have great pigmentation. BARRY M NAIL VARNISH. I now have loads.

Q.5. What kind of music are you into? from Caz
I'm not into any particular genre specifically. I'm very much a fan of most music, my Itunes is so varied. I mainly go to rock and alt clubs, but I'm quite happy to dance about to rnb and cheese. Favorite songs include 9-5 by Dolly Parton, Son of a Preacher by Dusty and Viva las Vegas by Elvis.

Q.6 also from Caz,Where is your blog background from?
I can't actually find the site I got it from :( sorry. If I find it, I'll let you know.

Hope you enjoyed that. Anymore questions, comment on my Q&A post and I'll update this one.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

What rocks..and what doesn't

What rocks

1. MAC Sunbasque- shimmer blush.
This is my newest blush and I LOVE it. It's not a colour I ever go for(usually wear pinks/peaches) and it just gives me such a glow. Works perfectly with bronzer

2. Weight loss.
I feel so much better after losing some weight. I sleep better and I don't feel bloated all the time anymore. Fantastic :)

3. Maybelline event on Thursday
First blogger event :D

4. Omelettes
Since I'm not eating carbs, omlettes have become a big meal choice for me. Makes such a change to chicken and salad.

5. All that glitters e/s
Another new MAC purchase, it's just perfect to wear on it's own, for a bit of colour when I'm in a rush.

6. My Chloe Paddington
I'll post pics in my Scotland haul post but to me, it's the perfect bag

What Sucks

I am so sorry I've not posted in a while. I've had a hideous week at work and I've just been lazing about when I get home. I WILL DO MORE NEXT WEEK I PROMISE! I have a great Scotland post to do.

2. Food rage
Although I feel better for eating healthy, I do get food rage from time to time. Depriving myself of junk food sometimes makes me angry :(

3. Maybelline event anguish
I'm excited but really nervous about this. I'm really shy and I'm not sure whether I know anyone going well enough. I still haven't quite decided if I'll come yet. I just have a huge fear of going and no one talking to me :(

4. Unruly hair
Normally I get my hair cut every 5 weeks, but after my last appointment I've had to wait 6 weeks, only to have to cancel my appointment. Now I can't get one for another 2 weeks so my hair growth will be 8 weeks :( This makes me sad. I hate my hair getting long and out of shape.

How is everyone?