Sunday, 26 April 2009

First post- ln's and Out's

Hi Guys

This is my first post and I'm really excited about starting this. This blog will be all about fashion and beauty, mainly tips, trends I love, some reviews and my current likes/dislikes and wish lists.

I'm gonng start today with a simple In's and Out's, mainly as I've just finished my May article for Rant so I'm a bit typed out!


GLADIATOR SANDALS. I think this is my 3rd or 4th year wearing them and I'm so pleased it's sunny enough. They are just so comfortable and look so good. I might post a pic of my favourite pair later.

BRIGHT EYESHADOWS. I cannot stop piling on the eyeshadow in the morning. Ever since I bought this

which is the W7 Paintbox from I'm now after buying an orange MAC shadow, as it's the only colour I don't have. I'm then going to attempt a rainbow eye. Just have to wait for payday!

DENIM LEGGINGS. I have wanted these for ages, I think I saw Mischa Barton talking about them in an interview at least a year ago and I finally have some. I cannot stop wearing them. I've always had trouble finding skinny jeans that are really tight at the ankles so these are the perfect solution. I got mine at Topshop but I've also seen really good pairs in New Look and Next.

TWILIGHT. I guess this isn't just going to be about beauty and fashion, but I'm suddenly obsessed with this. I got the first book last Saturday as I've been resisting it until then. I actually started and finished it yesterday and LOVED it. I'm feeling all angsty about having to wait until tomorrow to buy the next one!


MACPRO. I recently discovered MACPRO.COM and I'm just so disappointed. I can't buy it online and they only have shops in America. I know I'm going to NYC in October but I've heard it's really out of the way and quite difficult to get into(you have to be buzzed in and all sorts) so I doubt I'll be going.SIGH.

BOOTS. It feels like I've been wearing boots solidly for years. It has only been since last October but I'm just so pleased it's warm enough to not have to wear them.

COATS. Same as boots. I hate coats and I hate that I either have to freeze to death or wear one. I think I will splash out on one for NYC and not grab a cheap Primark one like I do every year.

FAKE TAN HANDS. Ugh it's my own fault but I'm just too lazy to wash my hands properly after I tan. I am only using Dove tanning body moisturiser stuff at the moment (which i HIGHLY recommend) but I'm always too lazy to get out of bed and wash my hands after applying.

That's all I'm gonna do for now, but please let me know your in's and out's and I'll try to update this on a daily basis.