Monday, 12 July 2010


Hi girlies

I've really been neglecting the community recently but all my weekends are being spent decorating my new flat and I just haven't had the time( or the Internet!)

I've also really been neglecting my beauty regime. I felt really unwell today so I was trying to find something to do, that would cheer me up. I looked down at my hands and saw this

With all the decorating, my nails were looking a state. And I was wondering round wearing sandals and having chipped toe nails!
I decided that a nice pedi and mani would cheer me up and I was right!

I decided to chop off my nails They've been long for ages but one really snapped off and the ends were splitting. I feel much better with the shorter

This is Rimmel 60seconds polish in purple reign. I love the colour, it's far more purple than it photographs and had a very impressive shimmer. I really liked the formula and the brush, it was a barginous £2.49! Def going to look at more of these in the future


Emma said...

gorgeous colour. totally love rimmel polishes - they are really good quality & cheap too! :) x

Pyxiee said...

I much prefer the new shorter nails! They look a lovely length! I also like this purple! As Emma says they are a bargain!

Olivia said...

These look lovely now. I prefer them at this length too. I think if I had nails that long they would get in the way! lol Gorgeous colour! xx