Sunday, 6 June 2010

NOTD-Ocean print

I really wanted to do leopard print nails today but I left my black polish at home and had a total fail using white. Instead I tried out Leanne’s gorgeous gradient look.

I really wanted sunset style colours but I went with the ocean because of the limited colours I had with me (again, I’m at G’s house today!)

So here’s my first attempt at gradient nails


I used George @ Asda- Frost Bite for the lightest colour, Barry M Turquoise for the medium and Barry M Cobalt blue for the darkest colour.

I loved how it turned out but I still wasn’t completely nail arted out, so I added some white zebra stripes to the tips


Here’s my finished look. Check out Leanne’s tutorial and the lovely Milly has tried this look recently, check out how hers turned out here.

It makes me want to dive straight in here



Leanne said...

Yaaay I love how this is really catching on :D it looks so good in blue! xo

Olivia said...

I've tried this too! :) I love it in blue! xx

Milly said...

YAY! This is magnificent my love! :) I am well and truly obsessed now! The stripes are a fab addition! Must try this next time!
Thank you so much for the mention you sweetie xxx