Monday, 2 July 2012

Hair: Pink tips

I finally bit the bullet and dip dyed my hair! I have spent months researching and getting inspiration for this but I was still unsure of the colour choice when I was buying the dye! I really am pleased I went with hot pink, it's very me and very summery.
I got all my products in Sally's and my hairdressing friend Kirsty did it for me. All in all, it cost less than £20! The pink dye is Pinkissimo by Crazy Colour.
Kirsty bleached my ends with powdered bleach and a 40% 12vol cream peroxide. She used a feathering technique so it didn't come out in a straight line. This was left for 45mins and lifted out my previous colour. She bleached it again for another 30 mins to give it a lighter base. She applied the pink twice (we tried mixing with conditioner for a lighter pink but that wouldn't take on my hair) rinsed and I was done!
I love the fact that I can change the colour of my hair easily now, as I'm very fickle, and I'm already eying up Pine Green for a Christmas hair colour!