Sunday, 16 January 2011

Live in dreams Sunday Girl

DSCN1143 DSCN1145


Nice and simple Sunday outfit, perfect for mooching round the farmer’s market

Top- Topshop
Scrabble ring- The gorgeous Sinead

Whilst wandering through our high street I popped into my favourite charity shop and got a new jumper.

DSCN1151 DSCN1153 DSCN1152

I ummmed and ahhhed for a while as I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated it but I’m glad I got it. It’s M&S, batwing and feels like velour! I love it with my body con skirt and £2.99 isn’t really a price you can sniff at!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Hell bent for leather

I really want some leather shorts. REALLY REALLY want some!  Now my chase is on to find the perfect pair and I’m very torn at the moment.
Firstly, I think I need to try some on.  I’m not the smallest of girls and I don’t really want to to waste money on something that makes me look like an elephant! Secondly, I need to work out how much to spend on them.  From my hunt so far I have found the very cheap-
Faux leather from Boohoo
Faux leather from Asos
Real leather from Asos
Real leather from Topshop
To be honest I’m leaning towards the more expensive.  The Boohoo ones look way too short for me and there’s not much difference price wise, in the real and faux leather from ASOS, although style-wise I’m actually favouring the ASOS faux leather.  It would be lovely to hear your thoughts.
I am struggling with size though.  Do I buy my normal size or buy them a size too big to eliminate the hoochy risk? I just don’t know!  Are there any leather shorts wearers out there that can help?

Edit: I went for the faux leather asos pair as they were my favourite style. Look out for a post when they arrive.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Put your man in the can, honey

Hi dolls!

I’m back from my rather long blogging break.  Christmas and New Year were awesome but I feel like getting back into regular posting.  My work hours have just changed with gives me some home alone time in the evening which seems perfect for blogging.

Finally managed to find a reasonable set up for outfit posts so I thought I’d start with one.

DSCN1131 DSCN1135

Skirt-Dorothy Perkins
Boots- Dorothy Perkins.

Simples but effective. No jewellery. I like the grunge feel.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Haul- yay!

For the first time in ages, I went shopping for myself!  Most of the good sale clothes were gone but I managed to pick up a few bargains.

Boots-£30 Dorothy Perkins


I’ve been wanting some plain black, flat boots since I had to throw out a really beautiful Italian leather pair (charity shop find) last year after wearing them to death.

Lush- Christmas sale 50% off. All of this came to about £5. Unfortunately, I dropped my bag and some of the products smashed :(



3 (2)

The Boog


Glogg shower gel


Gingerbread house bubble bar


5  I couldn’t resist this cute dress and it was only £6!

Close up


I’ve been struggling to not buy from online sales- some shops still have some great clothes.  Surprisingly, Peacocks appears to be the best at moment. Check it out!