Sunday, 27 June 2010

Lips in the sun

How glorius is the weather in the uk? My best friend through this heat wave has been my MAC sun tint

This was from last years Baby Bloom collection which I thought had come a little late in the year to be useful(late August I believe) but I searched this out of my collection as soon as the clouds cleared.

High in SPF, this liquid lipbalm is perfect for sun bathing. It's very thick so it sits on your lips rather than soaking like say, Vaseline. This means the sun doesn't melt it away, leaving it very long lasting in the heat. It's thick but not sticky. If I touch my lips, the residue melts away into nothing on my finger. Quite a clever formula considering it doesn't on the lips.

I picked up pink tinge. Not a particulary inventive name there and doesn't really leave any tinge on my lips.

But I'm not that fussed as it's a balm after all.
Great application-

The nozzle makes it easy to apply the right amount. It also smells of sun lotion! Which has to be one of my favourite smells ever. All in all, a great lip product for hot climates

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