Sunday, 20 June 2010

Notd and a little haul..

Hi girlies,

Sorry for leaving it so long between posts, once I’m moved and settled I really will be blogging properly, just a warning that I may be a little bit sporadic for the next month though.

George by Asda polishes are a quid again so I couldn’t resist another couple


2 Mattes- Venom(black) and Freedom (baby pink)
Glitter top coat- Jackpot

Now on to my current mani. I had to give the gradient another try. I’d still been dreaming about sunset coloured nails and I had the most neon colours in mind.


Didn’t quite turn out how I wanted. Yellow is Barry M Acid yellow, Orange is George @ Asda Sunset Orange and pink is MUA.

I’m not sure if it’s the difference in colours or the lower quality polish but it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the blue. Sadface. have tried putting Jackpot over the top. It’s not made much difference but I really like the very subtle glitter in the top coat


The glitter is very fine and very sparse, meaning it can be built up or left to be very subtle. Not bad at all for a pound.

Any ideas to help me with the gradient? or colour suggestions?


jaljen said...

The top coat improves it no end!
There's another gradient. Not so interesting but easy.
You choose 5 lilacs (example) and grade them from light to dark.
Did you use one of those little sponges for the smudging? They're good but I don't find these gradients very easy.
I honestly think the top coat fixed it!

Cat said...

Hun I think your nails look lurvely, really beautiful colours and I think the effect turned out really well.

Good luck with your move hun, hope it all goes well - keep us updated!


Lauren said...

So you got the flat then? Aww congratulations - hopefully i'll see you around more :)

I think the nails look lovely by the way! x