Sunday, 28 February 2010


Avon speed dry polish in ballerina and la colour art deco polish in black
I've also added a pearl from my poundland nail art set

Avon polish was terrible. The colour is cute but the polish was too thick making it really hard to apply

Monday, 22 February 2010


I'm having to take a little break from blogging ATM. My routers broken and I can't afford a new one until payday so I'll have to use my iPhone until then.
Be back soon

Friday, 19 February 2010


I had a day off today so I popped to the shops for a mooch. My haul was actually quite successful.

I got this top to add to the many nautical items I own( I swear this trend comes out every year) but I do love it. Peacocks £14

I also got Vogue- I should buy this every month and I don't. Watching The September Issue reminded me. A new set of
Make up drawers- I already have 2 sets of these, plus another 2 much bigger sets but I couldn't ignore them- Poundland £1! St moritz instant tanning spray- I have the mousse, which I've not yet used but I've never been lucky enough to find this. Tk maxx £2.99. Adrian mole- the prostrate years. I adore the Adrian mole books, G got me this as a gift with the Hannah Montana book mark.

Friday, 12 February 2010

On trend nails-Mink

I’ve noticed that following the release of Chanel’s Le Vernis nail colour in 505 Particuli√®re in their Spring Collection, mink nails have been adorning celebrities nails in all my mags.





I would describe mink as a browny, purpley grey (technical term there!) It looks so classy and is an elegant alternative to a nude.

Here’s my take on the mink trend


It’s OPI’s Metro Chic in Matte. I like it, I don’t love it. However, mink is growing on me and I may have to peruse the Chanel counter in the near future.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

A little treat

I was given a £10 Boots voucher for Christmas and finally found something to spend it on- Natural Radiance highlighter by No7.

I don’t usually buy highlighters, I just swatched this as I was checking out the rest of the spring collection and I just melted.

Look how pretty the packaging is


It looks like marble!



It’s a gorgeous shimmery pale gold colour and it’s a baked mineral.



It’s difficult to see in my swatches, as the flash is hitting the shimmer dead on, but look how much it glows when it does!


New polish from my Cherry culture order- La girl matte Coral

I got a few of these in my haul, which i'll post later and they're so pretty. Nice even cover in 2 coats- it would've been ok in 1 thick coat too. It took a little longer to dry than my OPI mattes but I'm still talking minutes!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010



The product- Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on

I was kindly sent this to review for my blog.

How much is it? £9.99

Where can I buy it? From Boots or here

What they say-

2-in-1 formula:

  • Moisturising eye care and a cooling roller ball:
    refreshes & hydrates tired looking eyes
  • With mineral pigments it instantly covers dark

What I say- I wasn’t keen if I’m honest. I tried the original eye roll on, as I suffer with dark circles and just found it did nothing. I decided to see if it had been improved but again, the formula appears to have remained the same. The shade I was sent was Light- but I found it to be far too yellow for my skin tone, and didn’t hide my circles at all. However, I’ve not used it when my under eyes are looking particularly swollen so it may be great for calming bags. My mum has offered to trial it for that purpose. I have however, read many reviews raving about it, how awake it can make you look and how soothing it can be. Personally, it did nothing for my natural dark circles- I need a thicker formula to cover them.

How do I use it? Roll it under your eyes and blend-fingers would probably be best.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. It's just not thick enough for me, plus the colour was all wrong

On hand swatch




Once my mum has tested it on her bags I’ll post an update.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Product Rave

Maybelline Pure Foundation Mineral


This was given in our gift bags at the Maybelline event and I think it’s been my fav product. I’ve just bought it for the 3rd time and it’s everything I want in a foundation.

It comes with it’s own little kabuki brush


which is surprisingly good quality for a free brush. It buffs the foundation on nicely but I prefer to use my Sephora bronzer brush as it covers a bigger surface area.


To apply the foundation, you shake out some powder, swirl your brush into it and buff away. I love high coverage foundations and this just exceeds anything I have ever used. It covers so beautifully, but my skin still looks natural. It’s actually been described by someone as looking like velvet. It stays put all day, as it’s a powder and I don’t find all my belongings covered in foundation.

I used Rose Ivory which is the lightest shade.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Blush combination

Due to the wintery weather, I’ve been combining a cream and powder blush to make it last a little longer and I’ve found a perfect combination.


Coralista by Benefit- a gorgeous birthday present from Charlotte


Dior Pro cheeks Ultra Radient Blush in Catwalk Pink.

The Dior blush is less creamy and more moussey (think high end Dream matte blush) which I find easiest to apply with a MAC 109 brush. I blend it high on my cheeks, which gives a long lasting wash of colour.

I then apply Coralista over the apples and blend up into my cheek bones with a MAC129 brush.

Here’s the result


A beautiful, long lasting, shimmery blush.

Dior pro wear blush is discontinued(WAAAAH!) so I’m on the look out for a replacement.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Makeover madness

I love doing other people’s make up and never manage to get photos of it for my blog.  I’ve just discovered these on my pc so I thought I’d share.

Here’s my work mate Laura, and the make up I did for her before Christmas. 



I was quite drunk so I couldn’t manage to take any great photos of her make up.

The eyeshadows were from the Sleek Graphite(purples) and Storm(golds) palettes and the lipstick is Maybelline Coral pop. 

Studded delights

Check out these beauties

These were £2 reduced from £17 from Primark. I've been looking at em forever but the £2 price tag completely swayed it. Everyone I've shown hates them but I love them.

Saturday, 6 February 2010


I went for Streamer!

It's certainly a nice change compared to the dark, wintery colours I've been wearing. Formula was ok, it dried super quickly but the polish doesn't look very smooth. It could be improved with a top coat.
I love pale greens, I prefer this one to Barry M Mint Green, which is a little blue for my liking

George quick dry polish

Is now only £1. Wahoo! I love this polish so G treated me to a couple earlier (top tip-leave your purse at home, whilst making sure he has his wallet!)

We have Sunset orange, Martian, streamer, frost bite and lavender fantasy.
I deliberately choose bright, pastel shades to cheer up dull days. I'm not sure what colour to try first! Thoughts?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This Midnight Affair, a true navy by Revlon

I adore the colour, it's a two coat polish but it doesn't last very long. I applied it on Thursday with seche top coat but it still chipped by Friday night