Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween Costume

This year’s Halloween night out was rubbish! We found out on Friday that the night we were planning to go to had sold out however my best friend managed to score two tickets so her and I could go. Went to the club dressed up and found our tickets were not on the door so we couldn’t get in. Gutted!

Luckily I’d recycled my costume from 2 years ago- a zombie playboy bunny. G actually has a zombie Hugh Hefner costume to match but he’s never managed to wear his.


I used Revlon Colourstay as a base and then whitened my face using white face paint. I “deadened” my under eye with MAC Blackground paint pot and a mix of greens, blacks and purple shadows from my 120 palette. Contoured my cheeks using MAC Scene shadow and wacked Barry M 101 on my lips(knew I’d need that corpse look at some point in my life!) For my bunny eyes, I lined the top with C2000 Fast stroke liquid liner and applied some massive human hair lashes from Eladora.


Then I slapped on LOTS of fake blood. Add one bunny costume bought online and a very fake looking wig and voila! Zombie Bunnygirl.


Sorry for the blurry pic. It’s the only full length one I got, as I was hoping to get more at the club.

Oh well, always next year!

Halloween at Casa de Dolly

As this is my very first Halloween in my own home, I wanted to put up a few decorations. Nothing too spooktacular but just a little something to scare up the place.

First of all, my very own Jack O lantern! I’ve never done one before, neither had G so we went for a traditional face. He drew and carved the face free hand


I bought some inexpensive paper garlands from a local fancy dress shop and hung them on my ceilings

Pumpkins in the hallway


Spiders in my living room.

I also made halloween punch last night- Woo woo cocktails!


We have a table full of Halloween snacks too


The light up ghost and paper plates were from Poundland, the punch bowl was from Wilkinson.

I love Halloween

Friday, 29 October 2010

Holiday nails- Halloween 2

My second attempt at Halloween nails. I was sent 17 Fast finish in gemstone and I thought it was a perfect nail colour for a Halloween look


Bit of an odd colour, a blend of black, red and purple. Has some nice purple/red shimmer running though it which you can see on the bottle. I added a cobweb with my nail art polish and a spider on my other hand. He’s too hard to picture without daylight though.

Formula was ok, opaque in 2 and nice and quick drying. Can’t complain at £2.99 and it looks like they’re in the 17 3 for 2 promotion at the moment.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

These boots are made for walking (hopefully)

I wanted wedge boots last year. I ordered my perfect pair from The Office sale and then they went out of stock.

So this year I’ve been pleased with the influx of wedge boots but haven’t found ANY I like that aren’t way out of my price range.

Until today!

I spied these beauties whilst finding some boots for my friend’s halloween costume. They only had one pair, in my size, for £18!!


Obviously it didn’t take much convincing to dip into the joint account. Savings, schmavings. They are SO comfortable. I forget I’m wearing heels. Time will tell by the end of the day tomorrow, after I’ve stomped to work and back in them but fingers crossed!

Edit: I got these from Primark, forgot to say! Wore them to work on Friday, not too bad! A little rubbing on the side of my foot but nothing a few well placed plasters couldn't solve. HURRAH!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lipstick of the moment

Matte orange!


Barry M no54 Peach. Another drying lip paint but such a pretty colour.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010



My flat doesn’t have a fireplace and I’m loving burning candles to create a glow. Currently I’m burning a Jelly Belly Toasted Marshmallow tin, which is the most gorge smelling candle. I bulk up my glow with tea lights in simple glass holders from Ikea, and a tealight in my owl holder.

G bought the Jelly Belly candle from John Lewis, but it’s quite expensive (£5 for a small tin.) Does anyone have any cheap, good smelling candle recommendations? I think we’re obsessed.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Fancy dress-80’s

I LOVE fancy dress so Halloween is my favourite night out of the year. ALWAYS tops NYE! Along side my holiday nails posts, I wanted to do a few looks leading up to my actual costume.

On Friday, I dragged my snotty nose to a surprise 30th birthday party for my brother and the theme was Top Gun.

Luckily this was quite an easy look to achieve as aviator jackets are everywhere and I already own one. Since it’s a huge 80’s film, I paired it with massive hair and 80’s structured eye make up.

I curled my hair with my straightners, left the curls tight and then pulled them loose and added mousse just before I left. I curled back my fringe and backcombed it slightly for a big bouff.

Make up.

The make up in Top Gun is 80s but not crazy. I went for a full, structured eye using greys and browns, big thick brows, full on striped coral blush, heavy contouring and red lips.


For my costume I wore worker boots, black tights, a black onesie and my aviator jacket. PLUS PINK AVIATORS.


This look is easily used for a more authentic 80’s outfit and with different blusher and less contouring, it can actually work as a Marilyn Monroe look too.

Cheap body butter

Further to my wailings earlier this week, I bought some body butter as suggested. Knowing my track record with buying and not using body moisturising products, I searched for a cheap one.

Boots came up trumps!


Coconut is one of my favourite fragrances and I was sold at £2.99 for 200ml!


Keep your eyes peeled for a review in a few weeks

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Barry M Lip paints

Whilst searching for the name of my matte orange lipstick in my latest lipstick post I discovered that Barry M has 4 new lip paints-and they look gorgeous!

Pink Ribbon

Barry M Lip Paint Pink Ribbon lp153

Vintage Rose

Barry M Lip Paint Vintage Rose lp152


Barry M Lip Paint Sunset lp151

Pink Suede

Barry M Lip Paint Pink Suedelp150
I actually want all of them. Not sure if they’re out in stores yet, but they have them online here. I’ll be stalking Boots and Superdrug until I find them! Sod the new nail paints.

Holiday nails- Halloween

Now it’s two weeks to Halloween, I’m going to be adding my contribution to Halloween nails, including what I’ll be wearing on my Halloween night out.

Today’s nails were actually my boyfriend’s request and the perfect ones to start with.


I’ve wanted Barry M Tangerine since I saw it on a blog last year but I’ve been waiting until October because it’s my perfect pumpkin colour.  My boyfriend requested I drew some pumpkin faces and I did this with liquid eyeliner for ease.


You may notice that the shape of my nails is a little different too.  I’ve been cheering myself up with looking at Japanese hair, make up and nails this week and was inspired by the pointed shape that Japanese girls use.  I filed down some long falsies after clipping off the square corners.  They’re very different but def growing on me.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Outfit of the day


Destination-work lunch
Fur gilet-Primark
Lace neck top-Asda
Maxi skirt-New look
Boots- Primark


Friday, 15 October 2010


I wore Dark Deed for the first time!


Foundation- Revlon colourstay and photo ready
Blush- Bite of an apple by MAC
Eyeliner- C2000 Fast stroke
Lips-Dark Deed by MAC

I wore it with my hair slicked back into a high pony, and my version of the naked eye. I love how high fashion it looks. Def one for the brave though


Thursday, 14 October 2010


I’ve got skin like a snake..

Well, not really but I should have by my lack of moisturising. I do my face every night (and morning if I feel the need) but I never moisturise my body. EVER. I had one body lotion but it appears to have gone missing so now I’m after your help.

What body lotion/cream/butter do you recommend? Is it worth paying more? or does cheap work just as well?

Also I’m now interested in SLS shampoo and conditioner as my scalp hates sulphates and it’s pretty sensitive.  I’ve currently being using Andrew Collinge purity range, which does help, but does contain SLS(despite saying it’s sulphate free) and I’m after recommendations of truly SLS free hair products.  Can anyone help with that?

Thank you :) x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains haul

This’ll be a the billionth post you read on the recent Disney- collaboration collection as it seems like everyone and their dog has picked up something.  I’m not going to give a description of the collections as I’m sure you’ve read it before

Here’s my haul


I got all 3 nail polishes-Mean and Green, Bad Fairy and Formidable.  They’re just so special (although when I was a teenager I definitely owned a Rimmel polish that was identical to Mean and Green)

From the lipsticks I got Innocence, beware, Toxic Tale and Dark Deed, all very different and I’m glad it worked out to have a lipstick from each villainess.

My only other item was Bite of an Apple blush, a pretty coral colour.

Now, swatches!



It looks scary in the pan but it’s actually very sheer. This is my perfect blush, it’s the exact same colour that make cheeks naturally go when I’m cold or blush so it looks very natural.


L-R Innocence, beware, Dark Deed and Toxic Tale.

Totally love all 3 lipsticks.  Innocence, beware is your run of the mill nude. No chalkiness or concealer lips though.  Dark Deed is so right for Autumn/Winter and Toxic Tale is the prettiest coral-red. 

I know some people haven’t had a great time with their hauls but I have truly loved everything I got.  As a Disney freak I was always going to love this collection but even I admit that the packaging looks a little cheap, especially on the blush.

Any more recommendations for this collection?

what rocks.. and what doesn’t

I haven’t done one of these in forever.

What rocks

*MAC Venemous Villains. Adore everything I bought from the collection (post later)

*Candles. Really enjoying burning them at the moment, makes the flat more cosy

*Primark snuggle socks. Not even sure if they’re called that but they’re so fluffy and thick

*maxi skirts. Enjoying them more now than summer. I wear one at least once a week

What sucks

*Horrible sinus/cold thing. Bleurgh.

*Losing my blog mojo :(

*Ikea tea lights. The normal ones smell like wee. Is that just me?

*My hair. GROW dammit!

Monday, 4 October 2010


Last week was a bit rubbish for me, as I had lots of dinners to go to so I haven't made much progress. I did buy a pair of scales though, and I made myself a healthy lunch for work each day so I did stop grabbing a delicious bacon and Brie baguette every day from work.

This week, however, I'm in a much better position so hopefully I'll have some weight loss to report next week! I'm going to eat healthy meals with plenty of veg.

I probably am the most unfit person ever so I'm petrified of the gym. Instead, I'm going to borrow some home work out DVDs to see what I enjoy.

My water intake is already really good, I drink 2-3 litres every day so I don't need to change that.

I'm definitely going to focus on my fitness as a way of changing my lifestyle.

How's everyone else getting on, one week in?