Monday, 28 April 2014

IKEA wish list- pastel living room

IKEA wish list- pastel living room


My flat is up for sale so soon it may mean that I get to decorate a whole house! Whilst I'm pretty certain on the theme for some rooms, I cannot decide on my living room. If I were to go for pastels, it would include all of these beauties from IKEA. 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Drink more water!

I'm currently following the Slimming World diet and to help with my weight loss, one of my April goals is to drink more water.

These cute cups are £2 in Primark and I love them so much that I have two! They aren't the biggest cups (they hold about 330ml so you need to drink 8 of them to get your RDA) however, the vacuum keeps water gloriously cool, and stops ice cubes melting so drinks are far more pleasant. I have one at work so it makes taking a drink to meetings less awkward than carrying a glass and sloshing water everywhere. 

I'm certain that milkshakes and iced coffees would be divine in them but I may save that for the warmer months! 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Friday night make up

I went on a spur of a moment night out last night and wasn't left with much time to get ready. Normally I'd go with neutral eyes and a bright lip in these circumstances but I tried something different last night.
Pop of orange! I hate the using pop in that way but I'm too lazy to think of anything else. 
I used Mac all that glitters all over the lid, Mac Vanilla for highlight and the orange is make up forever in no18. 
To make the orange brighter, I used a white pencil in the corner of my eye and layered the orange over the top. 
I really liked the effect, the balance of neutral with bright is quite cool. I've tried this with a shimmery turquoise which also looks lovely. Next on my list is a bright pink! 
On my cheeks is Mac Dollymix and I have Mac viva glam gaga on my lips. 
My lace top is from Primark. 

Friday, 25 April 2014

DIY Easter decoration for under £5

This is the most basic of DIY(buy stuff, put stuff in stuff) but I thought it would make a nice start to DIY on my blog.

What you'll need:

A vase- mine was £2.50 from Holmes &Co
Easter chicks-18 for a £1 from Poundland
Easter eggs-Poundland 

Like I said, there's not much DIY involved. Put the chicks in the vase, followed by the eggs. The effect, however, is really pretty and they have happily sat on my coffee table for a week now. 

Edit: it's 5am and I have just swept the remains of this into the bin. Catsby knocked it off the coffee table so I had to get rid of the lot. You can't have anything nice in this house! 

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

P.S nail polish review

I've just slapped some £1 Primark polish and was so impressed that I needed to write a review. 

I don't discriminate against a cheap polish and thought this lilac shade was pretty enough to try. Primark appear to have revamped its beauty range with the P.S branding but I can't work out what it actually stands for! The shade doesn't have a name but the code PS2484 appears twice on the bottle so I'm guessing that's its marker. 

The brush is really nice, wide and flat and the rectangular top comes off completely, much like a Chanel polish. 
I was mainly impressed with the formula.  I couldn't be bothered to remove the acid yellow from my toes but this covered it in two coats! It pongs terribly, as most cheap polishes do, but I can overlook that for the lovely shade. 

Forgive the quality of this last photo but no one needed to see my feet! The lilac is soft and leans toward the blue rather than pink. It also matches my Primark bunny nails quite well too!