Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Primark treat

I spied this dress hidden in Primark and thought it would be rude not to get it.



Simple tunic style, with an elasticated waist


How cute is that print?

It was the back that sold it for me though..


Massive bow with a cut out!

Have you found anything cheap yet completely cute in Primark recently?


jaljen said...

That is a very pretty print indeed.
Now I get preachy. It's my job.
I don't buy from Primark because I believe clothes that cheap have to be made by workers in virtual slavery.
Luckily I'm well-paid and I do understand that others aren't. My daughters for example are on barely minimum wage. One of them even used to work for Primark.
I buy 2nd hand wherever possible or expensive stuff made in England. I have options and I'm lucky.
Cute dress but I have to say my bit.
You can delete me now.

Methadone Pretty said...

Ah! So cute! I wish i could get to primark :( As soon as my leg is healed, primark better batten down the hatches cos hurricane caz is a brewin' and she needs to shop.

Laura Jaye said...

I bought this today too - I love the style of dresses and have afew anyway - however not with the cut out.

The back sold it to me too.

I love it.

Anonymous said...

It is easier to get than to keep it.............................................................

Ms E said...

That's so cute! Very summery & pretty. I never find anything good in Primark :p x