Thursday, 24 June 2010

No7 LE Summer Collection

Here’s part 2 of my Sun drenched review, I received 4 different products and had different opinions on them so all, so I thought you’d appreciate seperate reviews.

A product I was not so keen on was Sun Drenched lip gloss in Golden Peach.


So this looks beautiful in the pot (I’ll get onto that in a moment) Lovely glossy, peach colour with bits of gold suspended in it.

It goes on the lips and..

CU lipgloss

It’s given my lips a moist look but that’s it. I may be slightly biased as I tend to dislike lip gloss anyway, but there’s not much gloss or high shine to this.

I really don’t like pots of lip gloss either. I have long nails and to get lipgloss stuck under them really isn’t nice. It also has no smell or taste whatsoever. I find this really weird and keep sniffing it thinking I might be mistaken. Nope, nada.

The gloss feels quite heavy on, but because it lacks a high shine, it doesn’t have an unbearable sticky feeling. I don’t think my hair would stick to it. It has a reasonable lasting power, nothing special.

This might be a nice product to chuck in a beach bag, and use over the top of an SPF lip balm whilst sunbathing but apart from that, I probably wouldn’t use it.

This costs £10 and is available in Golden Peach and Golden Rum until 13th July.

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Em x said...

Thats a shame, it looks so pretty too. I also hate getting gloss under my nails erghhh xx