Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Second Primark Haul

As promised in yesterday’s Primark haul post- I did got shopping today and I have a much bigger haul, mainly from Primark again but I am saving to buy a house!

Lets get down to it!

From Pussycat at New Look
This just reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and it was £10 in the sale!

From Primark
Lip bag- How lush will it look with the heart dress?

Nude and horse belt

Eiffel Tower slouchy tee

Grey spotted playsuit

Floral playsuit

Thick ankle cuff sandals

Floral leggings

Floral hairband

From Lush
Dorothy bubble bar. The rainbow has broken off :(

I had such a nice day today, it’s ages since I’ve done a hardcore shop, very pleased with it all!


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Primark Haul

A few things caught my eye in Primark the other day and I had to pop in and get them before they sold out!

Here’s what I got


Floral shopper bag- £9.  So cute, I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s covered in clear sequins

Close up


Lace skirts £7 each



The skirts are so pretty and I think I can dress them up or down.

That’s it! However, I am going shopping tomorrow as it’s pay day, so expect a massive haul tomorrow!


Monday, 29 March 2010

Cheap skincare review

I’m not one to write about skincare, I don’t consider myself an expert but I thought I’d share this cheap skincare recommendation

As you may know, I share my time staying at my home and my bf’s. As I’ve been doing this for 4 1/2 years now, I’ve had to double up on some things to leave at his, rather than lugging the contents of my room backwards and forwards. Skincare was def something I need to leave at his house, so in my quest to find something reasonably priced, I found Boots essentials cucumber range


My best pal switched me on to this range a few years ago, as she always used the facial wipes.

I’ve used this cleansing lotion and toner for a few months now, here’s my review

The product-Boots Essential Cucumber Cleansing lotion and facial toner

How much was it? £1.49 each

Where can you buy it? Boots

What they say- Toner- “Boots Essentials Cucumber Facial Toner refreshes and tones the skin, removing the last traces of make -up and excess oils.”
I can’t find anything about the cleansing lotion.

What I say- I am so impressed with such cheap skincare. I haven’t broken out, both feel light and don’t dry my skin out. The cleanser is not greasy, the toner is very mild and both work to remove all my make up. The smell is gorgeous, really fresh although I know some people aren’t keen on it. You can easily smell it before you buy to make sure. I have also used both over my eyes and haven’t experience any irritation.

How do I use it? I apply the cleanser to a cotton pad first and sweep all over my face, I usually do this with 2 or 3 pads as the lotion is fairly runny and soaks in quickly. I then do the same with the toner.

ld I buy it again? Definitely. Really bargain skincare that does the job.

Any drawbacks? I haven’t found any. The lotion is quite runny so you end up using quite a bit, but it is very cheap, so replacing isn’t too costly. Saying that, I still have loads left after using a couple of times a week for a few months. I can’t say how this fairs on anyone else’s skin though, but it is very light and not oily, so I can’t imagine it would cause too many problems.

So a big thumbs up from me, fantastically cheap skin care for when you’re strapped for cash.


Sunday, 28 March 2010


My first Konadicure!

When I first heard about Konad, I was reminded of a story my workmate Lisa(HIIII, if you’re reading this) told me about being conned into spending $50 on a nail stamping kit for her little girl, and wondered if it was the same thing.  She dug it out for me to try and lo and behold, it was!

I’ve just attempted my first Konadicure and I can’t say I’m bowled over, not like last week’s Barbie nails.  If you want to know more about Konad, Leanne has done a wonderful FAQ post which you should check out.

Anyway on to the nails!


I used C2000 polish in Wham as a base (I’m planning a nude and grey outfit for lunch next week so I wanted it to match) and used the white Konad special polish.

I think it was the plate I didn’t like more than anything.  I found the stamping really easy, but I just didn’t like the designs.  The butterflies on my thumb are really pretty but the other floral designs are nothing special and don’t even really look like flowers when they stamp.  I think the design is too intricate to ever look really good on a Konad.  The plate I used was a M36.

I eventually got sick of looking at it, took off the rubbish flowers and put a butterfly on every nail-much nicer!


I did enjoy using it though and I’m going to treat myself to one soon, but choose diff plates!

To contrast the Konad, I also used my Poundland nail art set to make a rhinestone french polish look on one finger of each hand.

So what do you think? Have you tried Konad?


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Red hair and ? lips

Hi everyone

I have been struggling with lipstick since I dyed my hair red. I’ve gone from being able to pretty much wear whatever colour I like to not suiting anything. So I need your help, let me know what lipstick colours you think suit me best. I’m actually going to go back brown next month so this seems a little pointless but I hope it’ll help others like me who are struggling.

Now for the pics.

Bright Pink

Barry M number 52

Barry M number 101

Barry M number 54

Maybelline Colour Sensational in Brown Attitude

Pale pink

Maybelline Colour Sensational in Ambre Rose

Dark plum
Mac Rebel

Maybelline Colour sensation in Coral Pop

Barry M in number 129

Ugh. I don’t *like* any of them. What do you think?

Thursday, 25 March 2010

42 Beauty questions

I don’t particularly enjoy blog tags, but I have enjoyed reading this one so I thought I’d fill it in to pass time time

1)How many times do you wash your face daily?
I wash it with water in the morning and I cleanse with creams and cotton wool at night

2)What skin type do you have?
Normal/combination. It doesn’t really get dry or spotty

3)What is your current facial wash?
Either Garnier Pure active black head scrub or Vichy Essentielles facial wash

4)Do you exfoliate?

5)What brand do you use?
I find Garnier Pure active scrub quiet exfoliating, but I’m using my L’oreal scrublet everyday which does the trick.

6)What moisturiser do you use?
Day- Superdrug Optimum and Night- Boots botanics. I’m not massively into expensive skin care.

7)Do you have freckles?
Loads and Loads

8)Do you use eye cream?
I do when I remember! I have a really nice YSL one.

9)Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
No. My chin has always gotten a little spotty, but it’s always to do with hormones.

10)Did you ever have to use Pro-Activ?

11)What foundation do you use?
I’m currently using either Maybelline Pure mineral powder, Revlon Photoready or C2000 Lasting perfection

12)How about concealer?
YSL Touche Eclait, Maybelline pure mineral and MAC Studo finish

13)Do you know your undertone colour?
I’m not 100% but I think I’m more yellow based than pink

14)What do you think of fake eyelashes?
LOVE them. Couldn’t apply them for years and then suddenly got the knack. Just been asked if I’d like to review some actually

15)Did you know you were supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
I know that’s what recommended but sod it. If it’s not dry and my eyes are irritated I’m still going to use it

16)What brand of mascara do you use?

17)Sephora or Mac?
You can’t really compare as one’s a brand, one’s a beauty outlet. I love MAC, but I love Sephora.

18)Do you have a Mac Pro card?

19)What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
Brushes and eyelash curlers

20)Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
I use MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre, which not only holds the eyeshadow as well as UDPP et al, but also balances your skin tone so even the skin without shadow on looks good. I apply it all over my lid, up to my eyebrows.

21)For the face?
not at the moment. I was using Gosh but I’ve run out and don’t really feel the need to get another. Although they have just launched a new one…

23)Do you use pencil or liquid liner?
Liquid every time. Pencil just looks stupid on me and I’ve NEVER got the hang of smudging it

24)How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

25)What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I really like them but I never find myself using mine all that often.

26)Do you use mineral makeup?
I use mineral foundation, but I’ve never really tried anything else

27)What is your favourite lipstick?
At the moment it’s NYX Orange Soda or MAC Viva Glam Cyndi. My most fav of all time was MAC Colour Crafted which was LE and I lost in a club :(

28)How about lipgloss?
MAC Creme Dazzleglass in Sublime Shine

29)What is your favourite blush to use?
Coralista by Benefit

30)Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?
I’ve only bought Seche Top coat. I’m too scared of fakes

31)Do you like drugstore makeup?
I do. See my Favourites post

32)Do you go to CCO's?Cosmetic Company Outlet?
I happen to live right near one so I go alot. I’ve managed to limit the number of times I visit more than I used to. It was costing me a lot of money> That said, I have saved some money on some permanent items like Studio finish concealer, MSF natural and Woodwinked e/s. Plus brushes are cheap there too!

33)Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
I have. G has offered to pay. I’m too scared :\

34)Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
No, I don’t think so

35)Name a makeup crime that you hate?
Bad eyeshadow blending. Where someone’s just slapped some black into the crease. Yuck.

36)Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick or eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
Masses and masses of colour- the brighter the better!

37)Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Lady Gaga

38)If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?
Liquid eyeliner

39)Could you leave the house without any makeup on?

40)Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
No, my mum’s always nagged me when I don’t wear make up

41)In your opinion what is the BEST makeup line?
I couldn’t choose because some are better for different products than others.

42)What do you think of makeup?
I love creativity with make up. I don’t agree with the idea that someone who wears make up or owns a lot is doing it for anyone else or hiding their face. Admittedly I do like using make up to cover my flaws but it’s about so much more than that


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cutting the crease with Sleek

I spent Sunday morning watching vids on how to cut the crease as I’ve never successfully tried it. If you don’t know, cutting the crease mainly involves drawing a line in your crease, which usually contrasts with the lid colour you have, giving you a clean line, between 2 or more colours.

Bicky has kindly let me use her gorgeous image to show you


Here’s her original post.

So after purchasing a new angled liner brush(2 *ahem*) and the new Sleek Bohemian palette on Sunday afternoon, I decided to give crease cutting a go.




For this look I used the white, purple, blue, black and green from the Bohemian palette.


My look is slightly different to Bicky’s but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt! I would def put more eye shadow up into the brow bone, I noticed it was lacking in the photos. I think this something I’ll keep practising at, I just love the way it looks.

Have you tried cutting the crease? I’d love to see your pics and pick up any tips to improve.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Face of the day

Today I finally got myself out of bed and did some more inventive make up for work, so I’ve put my camera to good use!


Revlon Photoready in Vanilla
YSL Touche Eclait
MAC studio fix concealer
Benefit Coralista
MAC MSF natural

MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre
MAC e/s vanilla
120 pro palette
MAC Blacktrack Fluid line
Covergirl Lashblast


Barry M 101


I was going to do an OOTD of the day with my new culottes, but I was too ashamed to post pics that included my messy room!


Cooking with foundation

Not literally, that wouldn’t taste very nice! I just read a post by Mizzworthy on mixing foundation colours together so I thought I’d write my own on the type I’ve mixing I’ve started doing.

Until very recently, I’ve always been a matte faced girl. Shimmer on eyes? yep. Glitter on nails? def. But not shimmery face. I have had a paranoia about being shiny faced for a long time.

Now I’ve convinced myself that my skin is actually very good, I’ve started to lower the coverage of foundation I’ve been using and have embraced the more dewy look. All well and good at home where I have an abundence of make up, but what to do at my boyfriend’s where I have one thick, matte foundation to use? Change it!

I used


Nivea natural beauty radience moisturiser and C200 Lasting perfection foundation.


You can kinda see the difference in the two here. The foundation is thick and matte, whereas the moisturiser is very light and has an iridescent quality(which is why I hate it as a moisturiser!)

I literally dipped my foundation brush in the moisturiser and squirted a little foundation on top of the brush. Not only did this leave my skin looking more fresh, it actually thinned out the foundation and made it far more easy to blend.

I’m wearing it in this photo.


You can also see the difference on my hand.

I also noticed that this had very similar qualities to Revlon Photoready, so I’m very pleased.

Are there any recipes you having for cooking with make up?


Sunday, 21 March 2010


I had to crack open my BYS polishes straight away. I’m not normally a pink polish wearer, but I wanted to try something a little different.

BYS Tickle me pink is Barbie in a polish- the colour is INSANE.


I was impressed with the first coat of the polish, applied nice and thin but when it came to the second coat, it applied with some streaks. These do appear to have disappeared now though.

Of course, I couldn’t just leave my nails alone. I had to apply my glitter polish over the top. After seeing Leanne’s post on them, I know there was no way that I could wait.



As Leanne says, these are quite hard to work with. I only applied one coat to my nails, but you could layer up if you wanted more glitter. Just such a pretty mix of chunky and finer glitter.

I’ve come over all girly *flicks hair* What do you think?


Massive haul

My boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to his local shopping centre to waste some time today and managed to spend far more money than I should’ve! I did buy a lot of bargain beauty items though and he treated me to a new camera to blog with! Here’s what I got


From Savers- nail art stickers, 2x angled eyeliner brushes (I wanted these for crease cutting), powder brush( to keep at G’s), big velcro rollers- I’m into big hair atm, these give lots of lift at the root.

Close up of stickers

Superdrug-Sleek Bohemian palette- it had to be done, Gosh Rainbow nail polish(I have been searching for this), 2True pressed powder(to keep at G’s)


I also popped into a shop called Store 21, which used to be Q&S, and found BYS make up. I’ve wanted to try their polishes for ages, the colours weren’t that exciting except for Tickle me pink and the glitter polish in Kinky pink. They were £2.50 each



From Store Twenty one I got some lighter coloured jeggings as I thought they’d be nice for now.


From Dorothy Perkins I got the pair of culottes that I’ve been after for ages. I’m excited about wearing these!


I also got the most tacky iphone case from a stall inside the shopping centre


Leopard print glitter? Yes please!

After getting all of this, we popped into Jessops to look at cameras and G actually bought me one! Bless him, there’s noway I could afford one at the moment and it wasn’t really essential. I totally love it and it’s made my blogging so much nicer.


Viva Glam Cyndi

I know there’s a lot of posts about Gaga and I’m sure once my hair is dark again I’ll be doing my own (it looks horrible with my red hair) but for now I am more than happy to show you Cyndi.

With all the hype about Gaga, MAC Viva Glam Cyndi lipstick was pushed to one side. Being a fan of Cyndi Lauper, I hastily added this to my basket on Monday and boy, am I glad that I did!


Lovely autographed box and casing.

Here’s what the MAC have said

“A limited edition VIVA GLAM Lipstick named after celebrity spokesperson, Cyndi Lauper. Features a high-lustre finish and a light coral-red colour. As with all VIVA GLAM products, every cent raised through the purchase of VIVA GLAM Cyndi goes to the M•A•C AIDS Fund to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.”

Make up for a good course? Thumbs up.

No flash



No flash



It’s just such a wearable red. It works well with my red hair and skin tone. I’m officially in love



Have you got Cyndi? Let me know what you think