Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sleek Storm palette

Storm is, by far, my favourite Sleek palette.  The colours all blend well with each other, making it easy to create lots of different looks from one palette.


As you can see, mine is very well loved.  I actually hit pan on the lightest colour within a week, when I took it to New York.

I thought I’d create two different looks with it, to show you how versatile it can be.

Look 1- Neutral daytime




Just an everyday gold/brown look, perfect for work.

Look 2- Dramatic night time




Love this! Like a more grown up rainbow.  I even darkened my brow using the matte brown.  The light hitting the highlight is the reason I’ve hit pan on it! Gorgeous colour.

This palette is in the permanent Sleek collection and you can buy it from most Superdrug’s for about £4.99


Lil said...

Love the night time look! Very dramatic. I love the storm palette. Love this post X

Lauren Loves... said...

It's a great palette. It's the only Sleek palette I own but I love it. The colours are really wearable and that's what I like about it x

Shifa said...

I have this palette too but mine is not much loved! I find the colors are bit too shimmery to pull of during the day :S