Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Cutting the crease with Sleek

I spent Sunday morning watching vids on how to cut the crease as I’ve never successfully tried it. If you don’t know, cutting the crease mainly involves drawing a line in your crease, which usually contrasts with the lid colour you have, giving you a clean line, between 2 or more colours.

Bicky has kindly let me use her gorgeous image to show you


Here’s her original post.

So after purchasing a new angled liner brush(2 *ahem*) and the new Sleek Bohemian palette on Sunday afternoon, I decided to give crease cutting a go.




For this look I used the white, purple, blue, black and green from the Bohemian palette.


My look is slightly different to Bicky’s but I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt! I would def put more eye shadow up into the brow bone, I noticed it was lacking in the photos. I think this something I’ll keep practising at, I just love the way it looks.

Have you tried cutting the crease? I’d love to see your pics and pick up any tips to improve.



steph0188 said...

Great go at it, I never have tried it before either. After listening to you & Bicky & seeing her link yesterday on twitter & now seeing this, I really want to have a go

Emma Jade said...

looks great! may give this a go :)

Bicky said...

Awww good try. I love the look of that purple!

I think this look can be quite a difficult one to execute. I can't do it at that moment, I tried. :( The practice is so worth it though I reckon.

And Steph you should def try it! :D

Milly said...

Your attempt is awesome, and miles better than anything I could ever do! I think it is such a fab look :) go girlie and rock it!
Bicky...I am not worthy...! You eye is HOT :)

SilhouetteScreams said...

Great try :) crease cutting is the one thing I CANNOT master. Then again, I think I've only tried like twice LOL

Nik said...

Wow I would never even get close to that! Great job!