Friday, 5 March 2010

Boots Botanics skin care

Since purchasing the best eye make up remover ever- Boots Botanics soothing eye make up remover ( I really should update my eye make up remover post) I’ve delved into the realms of Botanics skincare range and have been pleasantly surprised.

This is my current skin care routine


Skin Brightening Cleanser and Toner, the above eye make up remover and Nourishing Night Cream.

The eye make up remover just gets rid of any trace of the heavy eye make up I wear. It’s cheap and a bottle goes a long way. Perfick.

Nourishing night cream is so good that I no longer use a daily moisturiser as my skin is so soft in the morning. It’s fairly heavy but doesn’t take long to soak into the skin and doesn’t ever sit on the skin.

The cleanser and toner are new items so I can’t give much of an opinion. The cleanser is fairly oily but the toner is very fresh and removes any greasiness from the eye make up remover and cleanser. I haven’t noticed any skin brightening yet but I did notice a spot I had last night was really reduced when I woke up!

All items are available from Boots and are priced between £2-£8 but there is currently a money off offer on all Botanics products at the moment!


Vi and Ollie said...

I LOVE the eye makeup remover, it's the best!

Missy said...

i'm a big fan of it too!

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