Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cooking with foundation

Not literally, that wouldn’t taste very nice! I just read a post by Mizzworthy on mixing foundation colours together so I thought I’d write my own on the type I’ve mixing I’ve started doing.

Until very recently, I’ve always been a matte faced girl. Shimmer on eyes? yep. Glitter on nails? def. But not shimmery face. I have had a paranoia about being shiny faced for a long time.

Now I’ve convinced myself that my skin is actually very good, I’ve started to lower the coverage of foundation I’ve been using and have embraced the more dewy look. All well and good at home where I have an abundence of make up, but what to do at my boyfriend’s where I have one thick, matte foundation to use? Change it!

I used


Nivea natural beauty radience moisturiser and C200 Lasting perfection foundation.


You can kinda see the difference in the two here. The foundation is thick and matte, whereas the moisturiser is very light and has an iridescent quality(which is why I hate it as a moisturiser!)

I literally dipped my foundation brush in the moisturiser and squirted a little foundation on top of the brush. Not only did this leave my skin looking more fresh, it actually thinned out the foundation and made it far more easy to blend.

I’m wearing it in this photo.


You can also see the difference on my hand.

I also noticed that this had very similar qualities to Revlon Photoready, so I’m very pleased.

Are there any recipes you having for cooking with make up?



mizzworthy said...

Yay - great post - I love the way this looks on you - I've heard a lot of things about that C2000 foundation, but I love it mixed with the moisturiser - looks fab x

SilhouetteScreams said...

I've been doing the opposite of this lately, because of the hot weather here in Aus right now :)

I dont want to use my regular mineral foundation in the heat because it's too heavy, too light in colour and slides off, but my tinted moisturiser is too dark and doesnt give enough coverage.

So I've been mixing the two and it's given me the perfect coverage and perfect colour :) i'm also quite liking the dewey finish, even though I have bad skin.