Sunday, 21 March 2010

Massive haul

My boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to his local shopping centre to waste some time today and managed to spend far more money than I should’ve! I did buy a lot of bargain beauty items though and he treated me to a new camera to blog with! Here’s what I got


From Savers- nail art stickers, 2x angled eyeliner brushes (I wanted these for crease cutting), powder brush( to keep at G’s), big velcro rollers- I’m into big hair atm, these give lots of lift at the root.

Close up of stickers

Superdrug-Sleek Bohemian palette- it had to be done, Gosh Rainbow nail polish(I have been searching for this), 2True pressed powder(to keep at G’s)


I also popped into a shop called Store 21, which used to be Q&S, and found BYS make up. I’ve wanted to try their polishes for ages, the colours weren’t that exciting except for Tickle me pink and the glitter polish in Kinky pink. They were £2.50 each



From Store Twenty one I got some lighter coloured jeggings as I thought they’d be nice for now.


From Dorothy Perkins I got the pair of culottes that I’ve been after for ages. I’m excited about wearing these!


I also got the most tacky iphone case from a stall inside the shopping centre


Leopard print glitter? Yes please!

After getting all of this, we popped into Jessops to look at cameras and G actually bought me one! Bless him, there’s noway I could afford one at the moment and it wasn’t really essential. I totally love it and it’s made my blogging so much nicer.



Em x said...

I have those culottes, i'm wearing them right now and did a post of me in them today too. they are fab x

MissDollyGal said...

I read it when I came home with them! Love them, so excited about wearing them. They looked lush on you

steph0188 said...

Them culottes are gorgeous :)
I'm still unsure on the new sleek palette, I've not had a proper good look at it yet.
I love rolling my hair, I seem to do it all the time on a night out, it works really well I think

Lipglossiping said...

You are spoilt! Hoorah for new cameras, are you loving the Sleek palette, I've gone matte crazy!

Lil said...

Great haul! I got the sleek palette on friday and I love it. Love the look of that polish from GOSH. Xx

Leanne said...

I actually love the tacky iPhone case hahaha. Those nail stickers look really cool as well, I'll keep my eye out next time I pass a Savers! xo