Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday Poll

1. Mood: Less grouchy than the rest of my day.  Rather warm and cosy now
2. What’s your favorite body lotion at the moment? Ok. I admit it. I don’t use any.  I’ve never found one I thought made any difference.  Perhaps you could recommend one to me?
3. Yay or nay for ankle booties? big FAT YAY. I have hundreds of pairs and a new pair waiting at the post office for me.
4. Are you a creative person?
I like to think so.  I’m just not very good at it!
5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: Graphite palette, Gosh Darling, Mac Peaches
6. Any beauty items on your wish list? NONE. I am renouncing make up
7. How did you sleep? I slept ok. but not for long
8. What are your plans for the holidays? See previous post
9. Outfit: Now- pink zebra pjs, today- Black leggings, black Uggs, denim shirt and red bowler hat
10. Weekly goals: to buy all my Christmas presents so I can stop worrying!


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