Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Yesterday I moaned about MAC Blackground paint pot looking rubbish on me, so I decided to have a look for some inspiration.  With help from Bickyyy and Nikki, I managed to make Blackground work for me today.

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaah


After applying Blackground with my finger, I blended it out using a really stiff crease/pencil brush (mine was from Charles Fox) and then layered MAC All that Glitters, Woodwinked and Amber Lights over Blackground which just made it more dramatic.  I also used Sleek blush in Flamingo and MAC Peaches blush to give me really dramatic, 80’s cheeks.

Here’s a close of the eye (sorry it’s poor, my camera battery ran out)

It was much more like the full face photo in real life.

I also did a massive quiff today and pinned the rest back into a mohican.  It’s my fav hairstyle.


It’s not very backcombed as I’m just going to bed but you get the general idea.

So now- Blackground I’m loving you.



Bicky said...

YAY! Looks wicked. I love me some Blackground. It was, along with a Powerpoint liner and a Fluidline the first thing I got from MAC and I never though about layering it when I first got it but now I use it all the time. Glad you got it to work! :D Loving that wicked hair too.

Leanne said...

LOVIIING this layering business. And your 80s cheeks! :D

Nikki said...

Nice! I am so glad you got this working for you! :) It gives me hope for when mine arrives finally! maybe tomorrow! :)


Lil said...

This all looks wicked! X

M :) said...

Looks great! :) You know I rarely use my blackground as well. I would still prefer MAC's sharkskin and we all know it's hard to find them these days. But thanks for the inspiration, I should do a look using blackground one of these days. :)