Monday, 30 November 2009

NYC Haul Post part 3


I LOVED Bloomies.  Such a gorgeous shop! I hit MAC here on one of our final days in NYC- here’s my haul


NARS Laguna bronzer- Obv not MAC, I picked this up whilst waiting for my family to go to the toilet.  It’s a favorite, I’ve wanted to try it for ages and it was just there.  I haven’t really used it yet- I like to look pale in winter so I think it’s a bit overkill

Mac Sheertone blush in Dollymix- BRIGHT PINK!! I love it.  I’m a bit gutted as I saw it in my CCO recently and I paid full price.

MAC Dazzleglass creme in Amorous & Sublime Shine. I adore Dazzleglasses but I can’t stand the stickiness. Creme sorts that out for me. PERFECT

MAC E/S in Scene- Dark muted blue-grey in Satin finish. I haven’t actually used this yet!

MAC paint pots in Soft Ochre and Blackground.  Got both for bases. Soft Ochre has been used every day since. Love it. I’ve tried blackground on a smokey eye and it looked shit.  Can someone help me with this please?

MAC Soft sparkle eye pencils in Iris accents and Nightsky. I’m a sucker for glitter. These are a bit meh.  I’ve used both, neither are great to be honest.  Very chunky glitter and not much pigmentation in the purple.

MAC 224 Blending brush. I genuinely don’t know what I did before this brush.  It blends so beautifully without taking the colour off.

I was served by a really pushy guy in MAC.  He was lovely and helpful(and very good, he served me, my sister in law and another lady without any of us feeling left out) but he kept joking about how G should be paying.  The first time was funny, the tenth- not so much.  He also got me the black paint pot when I asked for Sharkskin Shade stick, without any explanation and really tried to push us both to get mascaras (even telling me that buying one the day before was not a good enough reason to get one)  So rather a mixed MAC customer service experience!

I have one more NYC haul post for you (drugstore) and can do a fifth if you’re interested in my Hello Kitty stuff too?



Leanne said...

I've wanted to try Blackground for ages but maybe not if it's shit, haha! and I NEED a 224 :(
I'm hoping to find some excellent crease and blending brushes at IMATS, from Crown brush or something, or Charles Fox!

BrionyLou said...

Great haul!

I love Dollymix, its one of my absolute faves!
I think I need to invest in a few more paint pots, I've only got Rubenesque and I'm not really sure about it!

P.s I ALWAYS want to see Hello Kitty related posts :)

xLovelyMakeupx said...

i love my 224 its the best brush i own

Nikki said...

Oh dear, I just ordered blackground... Im hoping to play around with it once it arrives! but i thought it would have been good for a smokey eye?! I saw a youtube video from Lisasz09 on it...
You could give it a go?

Pyxiee said...

I can't wait to hit the states next year! I really want to try Blackground but it scares me! I can't wait to see the Drugstore stuff I only used my Sigma 224 for the first time this week and agree it is an awesome brush for blending! xx

Lipglossiping said...

Dollymix looks great! I'm always up for seeing more of your hauls. Jealous of the brush! I got the 217 but I want this one too, I wonder which is better? Do you have both?

Jo said...

I need a 224 too :(

Let me know how you get on with Laguna when you have the chance to use it properly. Im pretty pale like you and it just looks way too dark for me.