Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I’m home!- NYC Haul part 1

I’m back from my holiday in one piece! I didn’t think I would be after the flights (horrendous turbulence on the way there and back :( ) NYC was such a great city, I wish I had more time to explore( we went for a week and it was def not enough time) but my bf and I are planning to go back. I’m trying to think of the most logical way to post my hauls and I think it’s going to be best if I separate clothes and make up, and I’m going to also separate make up into where it’s been bought from. Since I’ve not swatched anything yet, I’ll start with clothes, souvenirs and misc items!

There are hundreds of shops in NY. Literally. There was no way I could cover them all, so I honed in on a few that I knew I really liked.


Uggs from David Z


Purple cardigan/dress from Strawberry


Forever 21 ( I couldn’t decide which colours I liked best so I got both!)


Forever 21


Spot the dog( for my desk at work) FAO Schwarz, Bump its from Walgreens, hat from Strawberry


Alien by Thierry Mugler- Heathrow


and the only NYC tack I succumbed to ( I HEART tacky souvenirs)- an I HEART NY TEE, a gross statue of liberty pen and model, both to add to my holiday tack I keep at work!

and finally. My birthday present from my favourite boy, my gorgeous Tiffany ring. I was so happy to visit the flagship Tiffany & Co store. The staff were wonderful and everything Holly Golightly says about the place is true.


Would people also be interested in a non make up/fashion picture post? Let me know



Lipglossiping said...

great haul! yes I'm interested in any piccies!

Niky Casadei said...
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Niky Casadei said...

L♥ve the Crayon t-shirt.


Kell said...

that ring is fantastic! ive never been in tiffany's.. next time I got to NYC i wanna go in and stare at everything :) great haul!


Em x said...

Love the Uggs, the tee and of course the ring! x

Juicygirl said...

Great haul missy glad you enjoyed NY, love the Tiffany ring cant wait to see your other posts xox

Claire said...

Want to see the piccies! We went for a week and didn't get to see everything and we definitely want to go back too. Everyone has said that who went. Next time I'll be taking some more money to buy more things! x

Phoebe said...

I have that statue of liberty pen!
And i love that ring muchly.

Sher said...

oohh i really love that ring!

Music said...

Love the hat and the ring! :D

Lil said...

Great haul!!
I really really really want a bump it!