Thursday, 5 November 2009

What rocks..and what doesn’t

What rocks

*Having not one, but TWO Sleek stands near me now <3

*MAC Pomposity l/s. Just about to get it’s own post

*Covergirl Lash Blast. Easily lived up to the hype. Will be featured soon

*Red hair. I’m obsessed. Going to chat it over next week and call my hair dresser to extend my appointment time for a colour

*iphone. I’ve just ordered one

*Youtube. I’ve just rediscovered how much I enjoy watching tutorials. Been watching a lot of iphone love videos too

* Lipglossiping. We shopped and lunched this week. It was fab, she is fab and her baby is fab. Please check her out if you haven’t already.

* USA. I don’t what it is, but something keeps pulling me back there. We’re planning another trip to Vegas next year, making it our fourth trip to America in the same amount of years <3 I will be very surprised if I haven’t lived there at some point by the end of my life

What sucks

*Going to work on Monday. Le sigh. I could just lay about, blogging, all the time

*having to wait until MONDAY or TUESDAY for my iphone. I want it now dammit

*Missing American junk food.

*Missing a good coffee everyday. Just can’t afford to buy one

*Not being able to play with all my recent make up. I’ve left it at home and I’m not there. grrr.



Music said...

US is the one part of the world I haven't been to. I'd like to go to Vegas, because friends said it's a fantastic place to be, also because I love the TV shows about it. :D

Lil said...

Love America.

Red heads have more fun. Fact.

Sam_B said...

Considering going red... love the fiery look!

Lipglossiping said...

Thank you for a lovely mention. You're making me want to rip the plastic off Lash Blast tho!

Red hair would really suit you... go for it!!

Leanne said...

I rock too. You twat.