Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Matte nails

I have been OBSESSED with matte nails for a while now. I know I could’ve bought the polishes online but I wanted to wait until I visited the US, to avoid any P&P/custom charges.

I got so excited about buying some from Duane Reade that I also bought nail polish remover and put it on as soon as I got back to the hotel.

For the rest of the holiday I wore O.P.I Lincoln Park after Dark Matte, which was around $8 from Duane Reade


It’s a dark, black cherry colour, but mostly just looks black. I adore the matte finish, I think it’s really unusual but like most things, there is a downside.
Matte nail polish is chip CITY. Mine started chipping within hours of wearing it, and I noticed that after a while, the matte effect wore off and the nails became shiny again. The upside is that the polish dries so quickly, that it doesn’t take long to touch up any chipping at all. You can literally see the polish drying and turn from shiny to matte.

I also got Metro Chic Matte from Sephora, which I have on at the moment. Again, love the finish, I just think the colour is a little dull for me.



What do you think? Have you tried Mattes yet? What’s your favourite colour?



Lu said...

I've never tried matte but I think that grey matte looks gorgeous! x

Niky Casadei said...

The first one is Awwwwwwww.


Lil said...

I bought Metro Chic when I was in Vegas and it is absolutely gorge! Love!

Phoebe said...

I've never tried matte - but i like the metro chic looks good.

Lipglossiping said...

Awesome nail goodies!

I keep putting my Nail Tek Foundation II over regular polish to mattify. Love the look of Metro Chic!

tina_mbc said...

Have yet to try the matte trend, I will be surely getting at least one at some point! ;)
Great choices there! ;)