Thursday, 27 August 2009


Bye everyone. I'm off to Scotland tonight for a few days with my boy's family.

I def won't be blogging but I might be on twitter if you follow me :)

My plan is to relax, eat nice food, drink and have a day to Edinburgh so I can visit MAC, Lush and have lunch in Harvey Knicks. G's said he'll buy me a new bag there so I should come back with a nice haul.

Have a nice Bank holiday weekend.



Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun in Scotland :) Edinburgh is a lovely place x

Gillian said...

I love visiting Edinburgh, spesh the zoo!
Have fun xx

♥ Indie Cindy ♥ said...

Oh I live in Edinburgh! Im away to Leeds this weekend so i hope the weather stays nice for you, be sure to pack summer & winter clothes as you well know it's unpredictable & annoying lol

Hope you have a ball, cant wait to see your pics xx

priincess said...

have a great tripp! : )

ForDGRedial said...

Have a fab time sweetie!! Never been to Edinburgh...must make a trip some time x

Toriapops said...

aww i live in Aberdeen :] Edinburgh is awesome right now with the fest on and everything i loved it when i was down the other week x

Viva La Fashion said...

have fun! :D