Saturday, 5 September 2009

What rocks..and what doesn't

What rocks

1. MAC Sunbasque- shimmer blush.
This is my newest blush and I LOVE it. It's not a colour I ever go for(usually wear pinks/peaches) and it just gives me such a glow. Works perfectly with bronzer

2. Weight loss.
I feel so much better after losing some weight. I sleep better and I don't feel bloated all the time anymore. Fantastic :)

3. Maybelline event on Thursday
First blogger event :D

4. Omelettes
Since I'm not eating carbs, omlettes have become a big meal choice for me. Makes such a change to chicken and salad.

5. All that glitters e/s
Another new MAC purchase, it's just perfect to wear on it's own, for a bit of colour when I'm in a rush.

6. My Chloe Paddington
I'll post pics in my Scotland haul post but to me, it's the perfect bag

What Sucks

I am so sorry I've not posted in a while. I've had a hideous week at work and I've just been lazing about when I get home. I WILL DO MORE NEXT WEEK I PROMISE! I have a great Scotland post to do.

2. Food rage
Although I feel better for eating healthy, I do get food rage from time to time. Depriving myself of junk food sometimes makes me angry :(

3. Maybelline event anguish
I'm excited but really nervous about this. I'm really shy and I'm not sure whether I know anyone going well enough. I still haven't quite decided if I'll come yet. I just have a huge fear of going and no one talking to me :(

4. Unruly hair
Normally I get my hair cut every 5 weeks, but after my last appointment I've had to wait 6 weeks, only to have to cancel my appointment. Now I can't get one for another 2 weeks so my hair growth will be 8 weeks :( This makes me sad. I hate my hair getting long and out of shape.

How is everyone?



Phoebe said...

I'm a bit shy at first too but i;m sure everyone will be lovely at the Maybelline event!
Hope to see you there :)

Caz said...

You should go to the Maybelline event - you'll have a great time! Wish I was invited :)
I tagged you on my blog too

Leanne said...

Hey, haha I just commented on your Maybelline Event post without reading this one XD but please come!
I'm really nervous too, I was gonna meet up with ditzymakeup beforehand but she can't come anymore so I'm really paranoid about not knowing anyone and being all alone... I'll meet you before if you're scared :) strength in numbers!
Add me to MSN or @reply/DM me on Twitter @donotrefreeze if you want to :)

Lil said...

I bought All That Glitters in the US and I LOVE it x