Monday, 3 August 2009

Eye make up remover- best and worst

Ever since I was given Diorshow waterproof as a gift I have been on the search for the best eye make up remover and I have finally found it. If you've not tried Diorshow waterproof, it is the hardest mascara to remove. It makes my lashes look amazing, but it also keeps them that way. Which is fantastic whilst I want them to look like that, not so fantastic waking up with your eyes stuck together. It makes my lashes so stiff, that I cannot even rub it off and when I try, it turns them into clumpy spider legs. This meant that I kept this mascara for going out, as I was ruining my lashes, trying to get it off every day- thus the search for the perfect eye make up remover began

I was recommended Simple Conditioning Eye make up remover by a friend

How much is it? around £2.99. I got a travel size one for 99p

Where can I get it? Most drug stores- Boots, Superdrug, supermarkets and it's often in cheaper drugstores like Wilkinsons and Savers. Buy it online at Boots

What they say- Simple Conditioning Eye Make-Up Remover removes all eye make up even waterproof mascara without stinging or irritating your eyes.

What I say- I was so unimpressed with this. It didn't even remove my liquid eyeliner, which I can wash off with just water. It had no fragrance which I like and definately didn't sting, but it didn't take anything off either. Rubbish!

I remembered that a MAC MA told me that really stubborn eye make up(like Liquidlast) needs an oil based remover so I went on a search for one.

I discovered-

L’Oreal De-maq Absolute Eye and Lip Make-up Remover

How much is it? £5.86 in Boots

Where can I get it? Boots, Superdrug

What they say- L’Oreal De-maq Absolute Eye and Lip Make-up Remover has a cooling, refreshing texture to remove the most stubborn traces of long lasting eye and lip cosmetics. The formula effectively removes waterproof mascara and long lasting lipsticks and rinses off instantly to leave skin soft and thoroughly cleansed.L’Oreal De-maq Absolute Eye and Lip Make-up Remover is a concentrated blue astringent designed to purify skin with a comfortable fresh sensation without leaving any sticky residue.· Blue, astringent make up remover for long lasting eye and lip cosmetics
· Cooling, refreshing texture
· Soft, supple and perfectly cleansed skin

What do I say- It was the 2nd best that I'd used. I was really hopeful as it seemed to be 1 part oil and it did a really good job of removing normal mascara and heavy e/s but I still couldn't get it to touch my Diorshow, so my search continued. It did work really well with long lasting lipsticks though!

As I adore MAC, I saw they had an eye make up remover in my CCO so I gave it a go

MAC Pro eye make up remover

Where can I get it? I'm not sure if it'll be stocked in MAC Counters but I assuming you can get it at MAC stores and you can def buy it online

How much is it?
£12.50 but i got it for around £8

What the say-A mega-effective remover that lifts off every look – from delicate to dramatic – without smudges, tears or aggression. Pro-quality, yet decidedly gentle; calms, hydrates and sooths skin with cucumber extract. Makeup can be immediately reapplied. A favourite of busy models.

What I say- it wasn't brilliant. It certainly wasn't as good as the L'oreal one and def not worth that price tag. I wear alot of eye make up and it took a lot of rubbing(something I'm not big on) to get it all off. DIDN'T TOUCH Diorshow and it stung a little bit

After all this trialing, rubbing and having no success I HAVE FOUND IT. An eye make up remover which not only gets off all my every day make up, but actually removes Diorshow without leaving me with panda eyes.

I present to you-

Boots No7 Cleanse and Care eye make up remover

How much is it? around £7.99

Where can I buy it? Boots

What they say- Wipe away all traces of eye make-up, even waterproof mascara, with this gentle, double action liquid. Pro-vitamin B5 moisturizes while cornflower and watermelon soothe your skin.Created with Care. We've created this hypo-allergenic product using only ingredients we know and trust. It has been tried and tested by guests with even the most sensitive skin, so you'll know it will be good to yours. Dermatologically tested. Fragrance free. Ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes

What do I say- It's amazing. Slightly oily, no where near enough to leave an oil slick on my eyes but enough to mean I'm not having to rub my eyes. It takes no effort at to get rid of my every day make up and when I finally used it to take off Diorshow this weekend, I almost had kittens. It actually worked. No panda eyes and it left my lashes feeling soft and I hadn't ripped any out. It's slightly more expensive than other make up removers but it works so much better, I don't mind at all.
I love it :) and I can now wear my Diorshow again.
Hope that's helped anyone in the same situation


Cat said...

That No7 stuff sounds ace, I am a cheapskate and use baby oil to remive my make up - then use face wash to get rid of any excess oil and voila!


MissDollyGal said...

@Cat I actually tried baby oil in my test- I forgot to mention it and it did nothing to remove Diorshow. It got some off but not all of it, still woke up with panda eyes.

Music said...

You should try using sweet almond oil. I find that it works well to remove any stubborn mascaras easily.