Friday, 7 August 2009

Gosh Primer review

As promised in my haul post, a review of Gosh Primer, which I have used for a week now.

The product-Gosh Velvet touch foundation primer

How much was it? between £12-13, I can't remember exactly

Where can you buy it? Superdrug

What they say- " Creating a uniform, matt and unique, silky soft surface. Assists in an easy and uniform application of foundation. Can be used on top of moisturiser or clean skin."

What I say- It does make my skin feel really smooth. I haven't noticed my foundation applying an more easily but I certainly have with my under eye concealer. I use MAC Studio Finish which I find quite thick but sometimes drags on my skin(if the concealer isn't warmed a little first) but since I've been applying this primer, the concealer glides under my eyes really smoothly. I can't say that it's improved my complexion(I have too many freckles to ever really see a clear complexion) but it has improved the staying power of my foundation. I use Revlon Colourstay which is always good anyway, but using the primer has stopped my foundation rubbing off my nose. I can come home from a day at work and still look like I've just applied my foundation. It feels really silky on my skin and not at all greasy or oily.

How do I use it? It comes in a nice pump bottle, I use a pea sized amount and apply all over my face, using my fingers. I've found that a pea sized amount will do my whole face, so you don't have to use loads in one application. A little goes a long way!

Would I buy it again? I think I would. I really want to try the apricot one. I didn't look at the bottle properly and thought it was just tinted(and who needs tinted primer for your face?) but it's actually an anti wrinkle one, designed to plump lines.

Any drawbacks? It doesn't really do anything to pores or wrinkles, but I'm guessing the Apricot one will be better for that.

all in all, a great buy that I'd recommend highly.


Ditzymakeup said...

Great review girlie!
I'm out of my MAC prep and prime primer so i will check this out!

Tabitha Sheridan said...

i prefer the sound of the apricot one as i have a scar from a dog bite on my face and id like it to be hidden, its not obvious by any means but every little helps, right? great review hun xx

Parisa said...

I'm so so glad you reviewed this, I've been debating for a while whether to buy this or not, but I've been swayed (:. Thanks! xxx

MissDollyGal said...

@thanks ladies :) If it helps you even more, I'm going to edit this with before work/after work photos of my foundation

Briony said...

Fab review - I've been eying this in Superdrug for an age now, think I might have to invest once payday comes around agin xx

beautifulnemo said...

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