Sunday, 9 August 2009

What rocks and what doesn't..

I'm writing this post pub so please excuse any spelling mistakes/mistypes, I'm a weee bit half cut. Boys are watching the most rubbish, unfunny film so I felt like doing a post.

What rocks

* Garnier pure active black head clearing scrub

Some people like this, some don't- I love it! It makes my face feel clean, soft and fresh, and has def started to clear up my blackheads.

*My ASOS union jack bag.

I've blogged about wanting this and buying it. I've used it all week this week and it's just so cool. Had loadsa compliments and it fits all of my essentials in it (including my huge purse!)

*Charity shops

I rediscovered my love for a good chazzer today and I'm so pleased with my buys. I'll be doing a haul when I'm back home next week(it's already written, I just need to add photos)

*BeautyUk e/s pallette.
I got this today. I'll talk about it in my haul post but I did a crazy look using it tonight and I was so impressed with the quality of the shadows

I've been using this ALOT recently, mainly to talk to you lovely girls. If you don't already, follow me at

*My followers
129! I love you all, thanks girls. Everytime I log on and have more followers, I make my BF guess how many. He then has to act really shocked and congratulate me. I make him :D

We're flying up to Scotland to visit G's family in a few weeks and I'm so excited. I just love it up there and his family are FANTASTIC. I'm preparing myself for good food, good shopping, plenty of drinks and lots of singstar

What sucks

*My weight.
I am sick to death of junk food. I just want healthy food now and I'm in a great frame of mind to lose weight. I'm starting the South Beach diet on Monday as it sounds great. I'm not fat but I'm def a lot bigger than I need to be. I feel a post coming on about this on Monday. Name and shame my weight in order for me to push myself into losing it.

I think the cat we're looking after has fleas. I'm dead itchy all the time, it's driving me mad!

*Shopping emails

Fuck off sending me emails telling me about your latest collection- this goes to you MAC, ASOS, DP. I can't afford you!

*MAC hauls
All this hauling with the new MAC collections is making me sad. Sometimes I have to walk away from the laptop to stop myself from buying everything from MAC. :(

That's me at the moment, what's rocking your world and what are you hating?


Michelle (Lipstick Rules) said...

I love this post. What a great idea!

Perfectly Flawed said...

Hey hun,

Check out my blog - I'm just starting to work through the 'get off your arse and lose weight' book. Its about positive thinking and improving your eating/exercise to long-term lose/manage your weight. I'm going to work through it on blog/youtube...might be worth and look and maybe we can work through it together...?

PS Def need pictures of Union jack handbag - love the sound of it!!


Tabitha Sheridan said...

Looking forward to your charity shop post! As for the Cat, maybe youre allergic? im allergic to cats, but only certain types of fur affect me. if you are, i feel for you! aha. xx

Phoebe said...

I always get itchy around cats.. but it takes a night to kick in.
Maybe you're allergic?

MissDollyGal said...

@Michelle- let me know if you do one, I love reading them

@Perfectly flawed- I've replied on your weight loss post

@Tabitha and Phoebe- I think it is fleas rather than an allergy. I've grown up with cats and not had a problem. It's not when she's with me, it's when I'm sitting on the sofa. I always get itchy on this sofa and have had flea bites before. It's not her fault, she's very fluffy, bless her!

Toothfairynotes said...


I love malls :P

Have a great week!

Louise said...

Thankyou for following my blog, means so much, I've followed yours aswell :)

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

Hi! Thank You so much for your readership <3!! haha, great post, and good on you for thinking about a healthy change :D

Lilee said...

wow you've gotten heaps more followers since then!

Cassie said...

I tagged you hon!