Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lust list No.1

1st lust list

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Since we got the internet at work (finally!) I've started to spend my breaks and lunch hours compiling wish lists. Unfortunately we've just decided to have another massive holiday in Vegas next year so I can't afford to shop much as I'm saving for that. Here's stuff I want at the moment.

1. I really like the idea of a bright summery watch but I cannot justify spending £70 on one. So I'm currently bidding on knock off ones on Ebay.

2. This playsuit is so swoon worthy. For me, it's a perfect summer to Autumn outfit and the bow belt is adorable. It's pretty steep at £50 though.

3. Mainly I want navy spotty palazzo pants to wear with mustard but I'm also drawn to the unusual colour mix on the other pair. Ebay have found £10 spotty palazzo pants for me but now I want a red pair and a green pair too

4. I'm currently trying to build up my ring collection and this one would go perfectly with most things.

5. The Collection 2000 cream puff lip creams are something I can afford in the near future. I might spread the cost and get one a week.

6. At £80, I know I will never buy these amazing boots but I have found a cheaper pair on for only £30 that I may get instead.


jaljen said...

May I say what excellent taste you have! Basically meaning that I like the same kinda stuff....

And I am deffo getting the Cream Puffs!

jennie said...

Ooh lovely list! Really like the cream puff I have, I've been wearing it almost every day! xo