Thursday, 14 July 2011

Getting rid of my mascara challenge

I don’t actually use mascara that much. I love that way it looks but I cannot be bothered with removing it at night. Therefore, I have a tonne of unused mascaras, none of which I particularly adore, but which I am determined to use up so I can try some more.

Therefore, I’ve set myself a challenge to wear one mascara, every day, until I run out of it.

The first mascara I’ve chosen is Boots 17 Wild Curls


Lots of people love it, I’m not that fussed. It doesn’t help the curl stay in place and it doesn’t make them look particularly thick. Love the packaging though.


So there we go. One mascara at a time, until I use them up. I’ll do a post each time I start a new one. Please leave your mascara recs in the comments, I’d like to start building a wishlist.

1 comment:

Irishenchantment said...

i have never tried that mascara, i always stick to the same ones lol

shel xx