Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Facial tanners

Normally when I fake tan, I just use the same on my face as I do on my body. I’d never considered using a separate lotion for my face but I have been recently using Boots Soltan self tan Face cream and have been pleasantly surprised.


(sorry for the stock image, I’m not very well and have no idea where my camera is!)

This product comes in a squeezy tube, and is very easy to control the amount of product. It’s a thin lotion, that dries quickly but also keeps my skin feeling moisturised. The colour is light and natural, and takes the edge of my pasty face. There’s no fake tan smell, even on drying, which is great news for my other half- he hates me smelling of biscuits when he leans in for a kiss.

As well as using this on my face, I have found it completely solves my fake tan hands and feet problems. The colour is so light that I can completely cover my hands in it, and it doesn’t leave me with orange palms or white stripes. The same goes for my feet- no more orange heels and white toes.

For solving my dilemma- I am now a facial tanner convert.

Boots Soltan self tan face cream now has a third off in Boots so it’s a bargainous £4.66!

PR Sample. This product was sent to me to review but as always, this is my honest opinion

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