Friday, 22 July 2011

Jewellery haul

In my body suit post, I mentioned some new turquoise jewellery that I’d recently bought and I think it deserves it’s own post.

I used to be a jewellery fiend but I stopped after I got some Tiffany Jewellery. I get the urge to wear other jewellery now and again and always find that sale time is the best time to buy it!

I got 3 gorgeous necklaces from Miss Selfridge for £3 each- some of them were £15 full price!


I’d be totally lying if I said I hadn’t lusted after a few of them after seeing them in Claire’s haul video.

I also got 2 nice bracelet sets from Topshop that match the theme of the necklaces


I don’t normally wear bracelets as they fall off my skinny wrists and hands but these a very light weight and can be tightened so they’re perfect for every day.


Claire said...

Ha-just saw this flag up in my blogger dashboard and thought...'ooo I have two of those'! ;) Fab aren't they? :) Glad you like them!! xx

jennie said...

Ooh I love the peace necklaces! xo

kirsty said...

We need to go shopping together!!