Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bright lips and big eyes

Recently I found myself going out for an afternoon of drinks and an evening of dancing. I didn’t have much time between events to re-do my make up so I decided to try out some bright lip looks.

The day look had to be ok for work as I was going out from there.


I can’t do bare eyes. I look piggy. So for day I put on a pair of the old style Kimberly Girls Aloud lashes and some liquid liner. As my maxi was orange and blue, I went with a coral orange for my bright lip- Costa chic by MAC.

Rushing home, I took off the lashes and replaced them with Eyelure double lashes which are far more dramatic. My outfit was all black so I brightened it up with Petals and Peacocks by MAC (LE from Liberty of London)


I was ready again in 20 mins!


Following the Fashion. said...

both looks look really pretty on you. I look silly with bare eyes! x

Irishenchantment said...

fab looks! i dont wear falsies but maybe i should try lol

shel xx