Monday, 4 October 2010


Last week was a bit rubbish for me, as I had lots of dinners to go to so I haven't made much progress. I did buy a pair of scales though, and I made myself a healthy lunch for work each day so I did stop grabbing a delicious bacon and Brie baguette every day from work.

This week, however, I'm in a much better position so hopefully I'll have some weight loss to report next week! I'm going to eat healthy meals with plenty of veg.

I probably am the most unfit person ever so I'm petrified of the gym. Instead, I'm going to borrow some home work out DVDs to see what I enjoy.

My water intake is already really good, I drink 2-3 litres every day so I don't need to change that.

I'm definitely going to focus on my fitness as a way of changing my lifestyle.

How's everyone else getting on, one week in?

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Peachykeen said...

I hate the gym too, scares me! be careful on the water, try not to exceed 2.5lr you can drown yourself with it...literally, not in a pool sort of way but you can totally flush everything good out of you & have too much. good luck! xx