Sunday, 31 October 2010

Halloween at Casa de Dolly

As this is my very first Halloween in my own home, I wanted to put up a few decorations. Nothing too spooktacular but just a little something to scare up the place.

First of all, my very own Jack O lantern! I’ve never done one before, neither had G so we went for a traditional face. He drew and carved the face free hand


I bought some inexpensive paper garlands from a local fancy dress shop and hung them on my ceilings

Pumpkins in the hallway


Spiders in my living room.

I also made halloween punch last night- Woo woo cocktails!


We have a table full of Halloween snacks too


The light up ghost and paper plates were from Poundland, the punch bowl was from Wilkinson.

I love Halloween


Steph0188 said...

I'm so gutted I havent really celerated halloween this year. Im working all day 2day, and my girlies at home wouldnt dress up for ANYTHING! It was still good seeing all the costumes.
I think I may do a party next year, hmmmm :)

Princess Fakkov said...

Aww, this is so cute. Makes me feel ashamed that I didn't bother to put anything up. You really did a nice job.