Monday, 18 October 2010

Fancy dress-80’s

I LOVE fancy dress so Halloween is my favourite night out of the year. ALWAYS tops NYE! Along side my holiday nails posts, I wanted to do a few looks leading up to my actual costume.

On Friday, I dragged my snotty nose to a surprise 30th birthday party for my brother and the theme was Top Gun.

Luckily this was quite an easy look to achieve as aviator jackets are everywhere and I already own one. Since it’s a huge 80’s film, I paired it with massive hair and 80’s structured eye make up.

I curled my hair with my straightners, left the curls tight and then pulled them loose and added mousse just before I left. I curled back my fringe and backcombed it slightly for a big bouff.

Make up.

The make up in Top Gun is 80s but not crazy. I went for a full, structured eye using greys and browns, big thick brows, full on striped coral blush, heavy contouring and red lips.


For my costume I wore worker boots, black tights, a black onesie and my aviator jacket. PLUS PINK AVIATORS.


This look is easily used for a more authentic 80’s outfit and with different blusher and less contouring, it can actually work as a Marilyn Monroe look too.


Steph0188 said...

this is lush :) LOVE the hair and makeup, your fringe looks amazing.
Love the fancy dress

Princess Fakkov said...

This look is so cute on you! I am loving your big hair lately. xo

MissDollyGal said...

Thanks layydies <3