Wednesday, 13 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains haul

This’ll be a the billionth post you read on the recent Disney- collaboration collection as it seems like everyone and their dog has picked up something.  I’m not going to give a description of the collections as I’m sure you’ve read it before

Here’s my haul


I got all 3 nail polishes-Mean and Green, Bad Fairy and Formidable.  They’re just so special (although when I was a teenager I definitely owned a Rimmel polish that was identical to Mean and Green)

From the lipsticks I got Innocence, beware, Toxic Tale and Dark Deed, all very different and I’m glad it worked out to have a lipstick from each villainess.

My only other item was Bite of an Apple blush, a pretty coral colour.

Now, swatches!



It looks scary in the pan but it’s actually very sheer. This is my perfect blush, it’s the exact same colour that make cheeks naturally go when I’m cold or blush so it looks very natural.


L-R Innocence, beware, Dark Deed and Toxic Tale.

Totally love all 3 lipsticks.  Innocence, beware is your run of the mill nude. No chalkiness or concealer lips though.  Dark Deed is so right for Autumn/Winter and Toxic Tale is the prettiest coral-red. 

I know some people haven’t had a great time with their hauls but I have truly loved everything I got.  As a Disney freak I was always going to love this collection but even I admit that the packaging looks a little cheap, especially on the blush.

Any more recommendations for this collection?

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