Thursday, 9 July 2009

What rocks..and what doesn't

Just a quick ins and outs for you.

What rocks..

* 2 new MAC Collections which I love. I've told myself that I was only buying 2 things from Naked Honey, and nothing from Colour Craft but I saw swatches and couldn't resist an eyeshadow and lipstick. Order in.

*My new Marc B bag. I haven't got any actual photos yet but it was £12.99 instead of £39.00 from TkMaxx! It's a black, quilted chain bag, but the stitching on the quilting is neon pink, green and orange!

* Jonathan Creek. It's fast becoming my favourite programme. There's one on every night at 9 on Uk Gold. Even though I've seen most of them, I can never remember how they've been done. I might have a tiny and very weird crush on him too.

*Long cardigans. I've bought 3 in different colours recently. What did I ever do before them? I've been keeping warm in them, with a long white scarf.

*SEVENTY THREE FOLLOWERS! HIII EVERYONE! It's nice to know people are interested in my drivel! THANKS!

What sucks..

* Not having a MAC near me so having to view peoples swatches online and then decide what I want from them. It's never the same as in real life. I hope I've chosen good colours.

*Working Saturday. I should've had Wednesday off this week, but I choose to go in and work extra flexi. 6 day week makes me sad. No Friday feeling :(

*This weather. SERIOUSLY what shoes do I wear? Too hot for boots, impending rain doom for sandals. How is everyone else coping?

*my Gal pal at work going off for the summer in a few weeks. 5 weeks without her sitting next to me :(

*Spending too much money. Lets think how much I've spent this week. £50 in Primark, £15 in Boots, £12.99 in Tkmaxx and £70 on MAC. That's almost £150! Not including coffees, mags, lunch etc. I feel a bit ill now. I'm going to have to STOP shopping.

That's it for the noo.

I love ins and outs, leave me a comment if you do one so I can read



Cat said...

Love the bag! I have a MarcB bag from topshop that I take evrywhere - had it for about 6 months and it's still in great condition.

Please show us your MAC haul when it arrives - I'm yet to see a single swatch!


tina_mbc said...

I was looking at MarcB bags on asos lately... ;) This one looks really pretty! :)


Gillian said...

I have that exact marc b bag! Sadly I bought it full price from asos but have had a good year of use out of it so far :)