Sunday, 12 July 2009

NOTD && hair velcro

New nail colour (as previousing tweeting for anyone following me)
Barry M Cobalt Blue.

W/o flash

with flash
It's a really nice blue, pretty much the same blue on the Union Jack. I really want to match it with my bag!

Also, my hair velcro. I remember reading about these on someone's blog when I first started(sorry I can't remember whose) and bought 3 packs on Ebay for abour £2.50(including P&P) and they're so good. Even my boy tried them and apologised for laughing. It basically holds my fringe out of my face, without pulling it back tight, and therefore making it stick out at a horizontal angle when I take it back down.

Here's a pic using it, it does make you look rather silly!
but I prefer looking silly like this, than looking silly because my fringe sticks out.
I highly recommend them, they do come in pack of 2, so I have 6!


FernLaura. said...

Nice nail polish :)

Shortiee31 said...

Those hair velcro's look cool, haha :)

witoxicity said...

The hair velcro's such a great invention! Must see about getting myself some! You look so cute in that picture with the velcro, btw. :D