Friday, 24 July 2009

What rocks and what doesn't..

I've been so slack(ha!) with my blogging recently, but I'm really struggling for blogging topics! I've banned myself from buying make up and clothes for the rest of this month so I can't post any hauls(and they're my favs!) and I can never get up early enough to take any FOTD, OOTD pics!

What Rocks.

*Lip products
I never used to wear lipstick or gloss but I've gotten back into it in a big way. I really like Barry M lipsticks, and MAC glosses. I'm so in love with Dazzleglasses. I like choosing a lip product to go with my outfit/face each day, and re-applying at work(which I do constantly)

*Colour Crafted lipstick by MAC
As above, my absolute favorite is Colour Crafted at the moment. It's just the perfect pink for me. I wish I'd realised it was going to be so popular, I would've bought more. I've gotten all my work mates obsessed with it and now they can't get it:( Fear not! I'm on a mission to find a dupe next month so I'll share it if I find one.

*Four Weddings
I discovered this programme last night. It's brilliant. Like Come Dine with Me, but 4 women attend and score each others weddings. Complete bitch fest. It's on Living, Mondays at 9.

I'm going to NYC in THIRTEEN WEEKS. So excited. I've been looking at Forever 21 and Sephora recently and getting in the shopping mood!

*Actual wedding
My big brother proposed to his girlfriend last Friday. I'm just sooo excited! I looove weddings and I'm really pleased for them both. I actually get a sister!!

*Getting my best friend back.
She's been at uni for the past 3 years, only coming home in the holidays, but as of next week, she'll be home forever! I'm so excited.

What sucks..

*Not shopping
It's killing me. I have to avoid shops. I went to Boots on the way to work the other morning to get Bonjela(sore wisdom tooth) and found myself lurking in the make up aisle! I had to remind myself that I was going to be late for work and literally ran away to avoid buying something!
Still, payday in ONE WEEK!

*Working Saturday AGAIN.
Just. UGH.

I just can't stop eating. It's all really bad for me. I am going on a diet. soon. I'm the biggest ever. and I've just calculated my BMI and I'm slightly over weight. YUCK

I love my brother's cats. I'm looking after them at the moment, but WHY do they decide it's cuddles and play time at 5 AM.

I'm still in shoe hell. Seriously, please tell me UK ladies, what shoes you're wearing in this vile weather?

That's me for now.


Faye said...

Thankyou for your followingness :)
your blog is gorgeouussss.

I'm wearing wellies.
and pumps.


Lil said...

I, I'm afraid, am also struggling with shoes in this changable weather. Mostly I wear pumps and glad sandals and get my feet drenched. Its not good.

I love lip products too, I bough MAC lippie in Snob today its gorgeous.

PLEASE PLEASE find me a dupe of Colour Crafted. I can't get my hands on it and it hurts.

Carry on with the shopping ban, you can do it!

MissDollyGal said...

@Faye- You're welcome, your blog is really cute!

@Lil- I've replied on your blog but I forgot to mention shoes- I'm wearing the same, I guess no one can really do much about it!