Sunday, 26 July 2009

Quick question

Can anyone explain how to foil e/s properly? I've tried using Fix+ but it never seems to do anything. I need to know which brushes are best to use too.
Much Love


Cat said...

Tbh I find that you can use water. Just get a flat eyeshadow bruh and dampen it, then place it on your eyeshadow or pigment, using 1 side of the brush to avoid lots of fallout, and place on eyelid. I find water is just as good as any mixing medium, although I'm sure others will disagree!

I find that the best foiling can only be achieved with pigment, what e/s are you trying to use? xx

MissDollyGal said...

@Cat-I think this was my problem, I've tried it on a matt e/s, and it actually left the shadow with a hard, darker layer on the top, which I had to kinda scrape off.
I'm gonna give this a go with my CC quad

Cat said...

Yeah I think you will struggle with a matt eyeshadow. BarryM dazzle dusts look amazing foiled. I bet the CC quad will also look amazing.

MissDollyGal said...

@ I've swatched them on my hand and it looks good. I'll try and get up early enough to do it on my eyes tomorrow. Thanks chick

Lil said...

I've only ever tried with Barry M dazzle dusts but they look amazing and stay on ages. I just use a flat e/s brush and water. Works for me every time :)