Saturday, 11 July 2009

New Spex

I want some new spex!
Although I don't need glasses to see, I am supposed to wear them for VDU(computer) work as I get eye strain from staring at the screen. I keep my D & G glasses at work, but I'm thinking about getting a cheap pair to keep at home, for when I blog and play the PS3 with my boy(we're playing Little Big Planet at the mo!)

My workmates have all got their glasses from It comes highly recommended.

I'm thinking about getting these- I think they're so cute!

What do you think?


Lisa Kate said...

These are adorable! Big glasses look silly on me, but these will be so cute on you. Hopefully, they aren't tooooo expensive!

Sian said...

No that's the beauty of this site, these are £29 including lenses!

VexInTheCity said...

They're cute. You've just reminded me I need to choose some glasses. I got my prescription a month ago!

rainbowdust33 said...

Ooo thanks very much for this post, I'm just looking for new glasses at the minute, I've just ordered the 10 day trial thing for 4 pairs! xx